Cosplay at Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience 2015

I’m always impressed with cosplay at our Comic Con activities.  From our first foray to gain free t-shirts for the 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con, to seeing “professional” cosplay, it’s always fun for me.  This year I’ve been following a few local cosplayers on Facebook and was very exited to catch them live. [Continue reading]

Favorite Booths of Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X 2015

At Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X, there were many excellent booths. The smaller venue and tighter focus removed many of the larger more elaborate booths from Fan X, but there were plenty of small booths that were selling products or catching attention with the limited space they had. [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience 2015 – Felicia Day


During Fan X, my family and I were able to attend Felicia Day's spotlight panel. We are also able to get a photo op with this wonderful lady. Her stories were great and she really loved all of her fans. I wish we had had the opportunity to talk to … [Continue reading]

Felisha Day

Cross posted from by Bookwyrm   Geeks all around the world get jealous at these few words, … [Continue reading]

FanX 2015 Girl Scout Adventure

Cross Posted from by Bookwyrm Cookie season is going on right now for Utah. And our troop decided to go to FanX. The reason that we went to FanX was to look at the booths and decide on how to make our booth better. Many of … [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience 2015 Press Conference

Fan Xperience donation raise funds

At every Salt Lake Comic Con event, there is a press conference to reveal details about the convention. There are several of the stars available for questions, often numbers of sales and attendance expectations, and some information about what Salt … [Continue reading]

5 Girl Scouts Adventure to Salt Lake Comic Con’s Fan Xperience 2015

Cross posted from by Christi What happens when you take 5 girls (age 10 to 17) to Utah's biggest convention and let them geek out over princesses, Animal Jam, fantasy art, and superheroes? You teach girls to lead with courage out … [Continue reading]

FanX is almost here!

Cross Post from by Snuggles   Two days till Salt Lake Comic Con FanX is here. Now many people are getting ready for FanX many will dress up in costumes like it is Halloween but FanX is not Halloween it is better but you … [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience

Cross Post from by Bookwyrm There are some celebrities that I am really excited to see at FanX. So this is a list that I have put together for FanX. This list contains guest that I am really excited to see. … [Continue reading]

Diablo 3 – Greater Nephalem Rifts

Recently, Diablo 3 added a new endgame feature that allowed players to face continually increasing challenges in their quest for better loot. The process to acquire the items needed to explore these rifts is not difficult, but there are a few … [Continue reading]