Comic Con – Fan Xperience – Gaming Room

With the expanded space of Comic Con, the gaming area has increased in size substantially. In September, a few tables were set aside in the vendor’s hall, but in April, an entire conference room encompasses the gaming area. Vendors lining the walls sell board games, card games, role-playing game supplies (such as dice), and console games as well as renting out space for people to play the latest console games. [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience – Twin Boba Fetts

At Salt Lake Comic Con, we got a wonderful opportunity to talk to both actors for the iconic character of Boba Fett. Jeremy Bulloch played the bounty hunter in the original trilogy, specifically in The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. Daniel Logan portrayed the well known Mandalorian in The Attack of the Clones and the animated series, The Clone Wars.Jeremy Bolluch and Daniel Logan - Boba Fett

Setting the Standard

Although the original Boba Fett had 7 lines (according to Jeremy), he has become one of the most loved characters in the Star Wars Saga. The character has appeared in many subsequent novels, despite his apparent death in Return of the Jedi (including details on how he survived). [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comc Con Fan Xperience – Interview with Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu interview at Salt Lake Fan Xperience Comic Con

Early at the Comic Con Fan Xperience, we were able to corner Kelly Hu and interview this gracious actress. She spent several minutes with us discussing her career, her preferences, and getting to know my daughters who asked her most of the questions. … [Continue reading]

Comic Con Fan Xperience – Preview


Comic Con is once again upon us. In less than 16 hours, the halls will be packed with fans of all ages. The list of guests is massive and is sure to appeal to everyone from Trekkie to Zombie. The real problem is who to see and what to experience. My … [Continue reading]

Landmark decorating with props

Ornate Small Chest 15 Essence of Earth 10 Silver Ingot 10 Iron Ingot 10 Bundle of Burled Wood … [Continue reading]

Crafting Stations in Landmark

Stone Forge 15 Copper Ingots 15 Elemental Copper 50 Coal 2100 Pile of Worked Stone Alchemy Station 15 Iron Ingots 10 Tin Ingots 200 Aquamarine 50 Heartwood 150 Bundle of Burled Wood Planks Tinkerer's Workshop 30 Iron Ingots 20 Wild … [Continue reading]

Landmark The Game

The frustration of playing an MMO in beta is that the instruction manual is non-existent. Wow, does that mean that real life is nothing more than a beta? Back to topic. Landmark. Yep, Landmark. You may have heard of “Everquest Next”. From the … [Continue reading]

Game On – Aethercon 2013

Pathfinder Module by Curtis Baum Thief in the Night

Are you ready to get your game on? Come join us at Aethercon! The following games are being run at Aethercon and were written by Curtis Baum. The following modules are GMed by Curtis Baum:   Friday – 3 PM East – Cult of Life Book One: … [Continue reading]

Juice Cubes Game by Rovio, Maker of Angry Birds


Are you an Angry Birds fan?  Do you love the new levels released? A new tablet game has been released by Rovio, Juice Cubes.  Another game where you drag to make matches of at least three in a row.  Like most games, the instructions are simple.  … [Continue reading]

Comic Con Foods – Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

Mad Hatter Cake Studio at Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

Comic Con Foods – Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con presented a wide variety of unique merchants and products. Some vendors traveled from across the globe, others were local. These local vendors showed off a lot of the diversity and … [Continue reading]