Gearing up for Gaming Con 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah

salt-lake-gaming-con25,000 to 30,000 gamers are expected to descend on the South Towne Expo Center the first weekend of June 2016 for Salt Lake Gaming Con and YOU should be there.  Whether you are into board games, RPGs, console games, or PC games, this is the place in Utah.  Add in LARP and CosPlay, many panels on all of the above, and you have three days of exhaustion with your closest strangers.

printcopylogos-lowD3 Adventures, the current company Lord Rcane (aka Curtis Baum) is working through, will have a presence, as well as a lot of other events.  Announcements coming soon.

Warhammer WHM-BW “Black Widow” Builds for MechWarrior Online

The Black Widow hero mech, named after Natasha Kerensky, is a very versatile weapon platform. With four energy, four ballistic, and one missile hard points there are many options to configure a dangerous 70 ton machine of death and destruction. One of the previously unseen making a return to MWO. [Continue reading]

Warhammer WHM-7S Builds for MechWarrior Online

As previously mentioned, the unseen Warhammer is joining the battle in MechWarrior Online in January of 2016. The WHM-7S is the most missile oriented of the series. Working with the hardpoints provided, here are a few builds to utilize this … [Continue reading]

Warhammer WHM-6D Builds for MechWarrior Online

Warhammer WHM-6D Builds for MechWarrior Online The Warhammer WHM-6D is an unseen energy based mech with low tech equipment. This has the advantage of making the mech cheaper, but some upgrades should be considered. For example, each of these builds … [Continue reading]

WHM-6R Warhammer Builds for MechWarrior Online

Warhammer WHM-6R Builds for MechWarrior Online The goal in the configurations of the WHM-6R Warhammer for MechWarrior Online is to keep the cost at a minimum. The base WHM-6R does not have an XL Engine, upgraded weapons, Endo Steel structure, or … [Continue reading]

Warhammers return to MechWarrior Online

The Unseen Warhammer Enters the Battlefield of MechWarrior Online In January of 2016, another Unseen mech will again return to the battlefield. The Warhammer is coming to MechWarrior Online! This 70 ton mech has long been a crowd favorite and the … [Continue reading]

Marauder MAD-BH2 “Bounty Hunter” for MechWarrior Online

Marauder MAD-BH2 “Bounty Hunter” The MAD-BH2 “Bounty Hunter” Marauder, which is coming to MechWarrior Online on December 1st, 2015, is the last of the Unseen Marauder mechs to be covered prior to launch.  As with many of the hero mechs in MWO, it is … [Continue reading]

Marauder MAD-5M for MechWarrior Online

Marauder MAD-5M Builds for MechWarrior Online Next on our list of Marauder builds for MechWarrior Online is the MAD-5M. The original configuration of this 'mech is designed for close range fighting. It has 2 Large Pulse Lasers, 2 Medium Pulse … [Continue reading]

Marauder MAD-5D for MechWarrior Online

The Marauder MAD-5D Builds for MechWarrior Online Continuing with the build theory of the Marauder for Mechwarrior Online (or MWO), today we focus on the MAD-5D. Although the default configuration has been listed on a previous post and is available … [Continue reading]

Marauder MAD-3R Configurations for MechWarrior Online

Marauder MAD-3R Configurations for MechWarrior Online As has already been mentioned, the unseen Marauder mechs are coming to MechWarrior Online on December 1, 2015. Below are some of my builds for the MAD-3R Marauder, based on what information has … [Continue reading]