Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 – Preparing for Comic Con – Local Vendors to See

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 is coming up, fast! We are less than one month away from the event. It is time to prepare. Grab your calendar, get a pen, plan which celebrities to see, but what do you do between awesome panels? The vendor’s hall has always been amazing, but here are a few of our favorite local vendors [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 – July Press Release

Be sure to go to to buy your tickets now!

Be sure to go to to buy your tickets now!

Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg again held a press conference. This time, they were escorted by the armed guards of the Umbrella Corporation. Dan and Bryan shared some wonderful statistics, some details of plans, and a whole new set of guests for this coming September.

Numbers and Plans

  • Salt Lake Comic Con is the 3rd largest in America
  • September 2014 will be larger than Fan X (April) and September 2013, in every way.

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Salt Lake Comic Con September 2014 – May Press Conference

Today, tickets went on sale for Salt Lake Comic Con for September 2014. Along with aggressive ticket discounts, six incredible guests were announced. Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg were escorted in by the 501st legion for the press … [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience – Dungeons and Dragons Next

Comic Con featured both a panel and sample of Dungeons and Dragons Next. Although I have seen some of the material, I could never assemble a group to try it out on my own time. This was my first exposure to actual play and the panel provide insight, … [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience – Star Wars Episode VII

<begin text crawl> It was an uncertain time for the Fans. Their beloved Universe was changing. Although a new movie had been announced, the fate and faith of many lay in the balance. What would the future bring to this beloved … [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience – Religion in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Among the great panels at Comic Con was a discussion about religion and its importance in science fiction and fantasy. This panel was designed to appeal to authors of all varieties and scholars curious about humanity. I happen to be both a writer and … [Continue reading]

Comic Con – Fan Xperience – Kid Con

Fan Xperience t-shirts

For the first time at the Salt Lake Comic Con, kids had their own section of the convention. This was not a small corner with a couple of booths and kids games, this was a massive part of the vendor hall with local organizations providing as much fun … [Continue reading]

Comic Con – Fan Xperience – Gaming Room

With the expanded space of Comic Con, the gaming area has increased in size substantially. In September, a few tables were set aside in the vendor's hall, but in April, an entire conference room encompasses the gaming area. Vendors lining the walls … [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience – Twin Boba Fetts

Jeremy Bolluch and Daniel Logan - Boba Fett

At Salt Lake Comic Con, we got a wonderful opportunity to talk to both actors for the iconic character of Boba Fett. Jeremy Bulloch played the bounty hunter in the original trilogy, specifically in The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. … [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comc Con Fan Xperience – Interview with Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu interview at Salt Lake Fan Xperience Comic Con

Early at the Comic Con Fan Xperience, we were able to corner Kelly Hu and interview this gracious actress. She spent several minutes with us discussing her career, her preferences, and getting to know my daughters who asked her most of the questions. … [Continue reading]