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Many years ago (1999) Rcane opened the box to his first MMORPG – Everquest.  His longest lived character, a human enchanter in the city of Freeport.  I watched over his shoulder as he went about completing his first quests – including hitting the dreaded “h” when targeting his guildmaster (character is still on the Erollisi Marr server).

Through the years Rcane has played many MMOs.  But his gaming started long before the PC.  He is a classic D&D player, his first characters in his uncle’s campaign were Bert & Ernie.  Even to this day, he brags, his gaming group plays a RPG every Saturday.  They just finished up a Pathfinder campaign and are starting a Star Wars shortly.

He’s not new to being a leader either.  He’s GMed table top games for over 20 years, and ran MMORPG guilds in various games for over 11 years.  His first MMORPG guild was The Higher Order of Arcane Arts, a guild for intelligence casters on the Innoruuk Server of Everquest.  He’s also led guilds in games such as Earth & Beyond, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies, just to name a few.  At our local Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention he’s helped to run tables GMing, as well as starting a section on computer and console gaming a few years back.

His biggest accomplishment though, is to raise two beautiful “Geek & Gamer Girls” with his wife (married 1993).

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