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The conspiracy of Agenda 71 is so well covered up, that if you search on the internet for TSW Agenda 71 you won’t find it.  I even wonder if this blog will continue to exist after I publish about it.  I wish I had taken better notes when the topic of Agenda 71 came up on my way around London.  I haven’t heard much of Agenda 71 since my discussion with Marianne Shelley, the liaison between the Templars in London and the London Police Force.  I ran into her when I was exploring the darker part of London (Parkside, in the alleys) looking for items of Templar Lore.  She was investigating a murder

Dialogue in A Sign of the Times references Agenda 71The quest is called A sign of the times (7 tiers).  These types of quests we refer to as intermission quests.  Our group of three breaks up and runs these (seems to be solo missions) before we go to the next zone – Egypt!  Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn in the Templar Temple gives it to you after you solve the creepy stuff in Kingsport.  First she sends you to talk to Marianne Shelley.  Marianne is up a ramp in the Parkside part of town.  Marianne is standing next to a door that has police tape all over it.  She talks to you and tells you the sight inside is gruesome (thus another Mature rating moment).   Marianne tells you to go inside (nickname for this quest is Cold Storage) and down the passage to the storage area.  You go in and find an area blocked.  A lever is available to pull to remove the barrier.  In the next room is the most gruesome sight. Several bodies hanging from meat hooks from the ceiling, and a dead body in a pool of blood on the floor in the middle.  Surrounding the body is several candles, and a shiny item beyond them next to the body.  When you try to retrieve the shiny object, a force of some type prevents you from reaching it.  Taking another look, you can see the blood on the floor is in an octopus shape, with a Gruesome sight in A Sign of the Timescandle at the end of each arm.  The candles are lit, but you can’t seem to change them and affect anything.  You must find more evidence.  Going back to the previous room, you see a trail of blood goes to another of the cupboards, which isn’t a cupboard but a secret passage.  Of course, it’s stairs going down further.  This must be to the basement.  You find at the bottom of the stairs a medium sized room full of empty shelves and some crates on the far side.  Ignoring the bloody body parts you find 4 voice recorders.  They have the same voice, he’s talking about hearing of stars talking through a mirror.  Obviously he is in possession of a cursed mirror, and in one of the recordings he mentions he’s killed and fed the mirror human blood.  He then says he has to fight the mirror and bring an end to his torment.  I don’t think he succeeded.  I think the mirror won.  That’s all to the recordings.

On the floor you find Book of dust.  In the book it shows a diagram that matches the murder scene above.  It tells you numbers to affect the candles, you have to snuff them out in a certain order.  Sure enough, doing that removes the force and you can pick up the shiny object, an Ankh. But as you pick it up, a Reclaimer attacks. Defeat it and grab the Ankh.

You don’t know what purpose the ankh has, so off to the Temple Library to talk to experts!



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