Amethyst – Gem of Vitality

Amethyst – Diablo 3 Gem of Vitality


The Amethyst, one of the four gems in Diablo 3, is the gem of Vitality and Health. As with all gems, the Amethyst has slightly different properties based on the location of the item with the socket. Fortunately, these are predictable and follow a few simple guidelines, as described below.




These properties make the Amethyst incredibly useful in any socket. In helm, for example, with 30,000 base hit points, the Star Amethyst is the equivalent of a Vitality of 128 at level 60.


Information for Flawless Star, Perfect Star, and Radiant Star were not available. These recipes are very rare.


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All of the gems in Diablo 3 have unique properties, based upon their socket location and the quality of the gem. The Amethyst is one of the most sought after for its usefulness to all classes, as the gem of vitality in Diablo 3.

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