Gearing up for Gaming Con 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah

salt-lake-gaming-con25,000 to 30,000 gamers are expected to descend on the South Towne Expo Center the first weekend of June 2016 for Salt Lake Gaming Con and YOU should be there.  Whether you are into board games, RPGs, console games, or PC games, this is the place in Utah.  Add in LARP and CosPlay, many panels on all of the above, and you have three days of exhaustion with your closest strangers.

printcopylogos-lowD3 Adventures, the current company Lord Rcane (aka Curtis Baum) is working through, will have a presence, as well as a lot of other events.  Announcements coming soon.

Salt Lake Gaming Con 2015


Jaleh, She has some MLP girls that are just awesome according to my experts. Very colorful and well done. If you like Game of Thrones you’ll recognize a few too.






There were lots of cosplay but I didn’t go crazy with photos this time.


Something you do NOT see at Salt Lake Comic Con – our very large LARP community out beating each other with weapons. 🙂

Curtis Baum, DM and GM

Contributing Author

Gallery of Magical Blades – fan created net book for AD&D – (circa 1996)

Rise of the Drow (expanded and revised edition) – Adventure-A-Week – (2014)


“TSR’s ‘Alternity’ Reviewed” – Masters of Roleplaying Magazine – Issue #8 – (1999)

Thief in the Night – Adventure-A-Week – (2012)

The Right to Arm Bugbears – Adventure-A-Week – (2013)

Battle for Bridgefort – Adventure-A-Week – (2013)

Cult of Life Book One: Trial of Faith – Rcane Publications – (2013)

Cult of Life Book Two: Trial of Blood – Rcane Publications – (2013)

Tangent!: Ragnarok – D3 Adventures – (2013)

The Witch’s Challenge – Rcane Publications – (2014)

Genius Adventures: There’s Yer Problem – Rogue Genius Games – (2014)

Tangent!: The Puppetmaster – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Extras! Free RPG Day 2015 Unique Shopkeeper – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Extras! Unlikely Heroes – D3 Adventures – (2015)


Cult of Life Book One: Trial of Faith – Rcane Publications – (2013)

Cult of Life Book Two: Trial of Blood – Rcane Publications – (2013)

The Witch’s Challenge – Rcane Publications – (2014)

Tangent!: The Puppetmaster – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Tangent!: Fiends at Ft. Worth – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Tangent!: The Depths of Zealotry – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Tangent! Shadow over Drake City – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Line Editor

Tangent! The Puppetmaster – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Tangent! Fiends at Ft. Worth – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Extras! Free RPG Day 2015 Unique Shopkeeper – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Escape from the Lazurite Mines – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Extras! Unlikely Heroes – D3 Adventures – (2015)

Cary Elwes at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014

I absolutely loved the panel with Cary Elwes.

Cary Elwes at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014
First off, he’s funny.  A little full of himself promoting his Amazon book (see side) but then, so are we all a little self promoting.  But the thing that really endeared him to me was his sincerity.  He told a great story about the late Andre the Giant [Read more…]

The night before Salt Lake Comic Con

Modeling their new nightgowns for the eve of Salt Lake Comic Con

Modeling their new nightgowns for the eve of Salt Lake Comic Con

We had a bit of a shopping spree today.  I needed new shoes if I’m to keep up with the crew.  While shopping we saw some new nightgowns for the girls that we just had to have.  We wouldn’t be proper gaming parents without.  There is even a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con that we could help host.


Last week we bought some great socks in preparation for Salt Lake Comic Con.  I tried to get Snuggles to see if Simon Helberg might sign the label from them, but she declined. The socks have the phrases from the song Soft Kitty.

Geek socks bought this week from JC Penney, Big Bang Theory.

Geek socks bought this week from JC Penney, Big Bang Theory.

Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur,
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr, purr, purr.

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 – Preparing for Comic Con – Local Food

Update: We’ve added hours and some website links. 9/1/2014

Attending Comic Con is hard work. Gamers, Cosplayers, Geeks, and Nerds all need food to keep running. There are food courts in the Salt Palace, as well as nearby malls (Gateway and Gallivan), but these are our among our favorite places to visit for breaks at Comic Con. All are within a couple blocks of the Salt Palace and offer some wonderful food.

[Read more…]

Pathfinder Adventure: Thief in the Night

Pathfinder Module by Curtis Baum Thief in the Night  The idea for this adventure has been rattling around in his head since he was a teenager.  It’s much more refined than the original.  Be sure you take a look.

Thief in the Night by Curtis Baum
A Pathfinder/3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4-6 PCs Levels 4=6

The city of Bridgefort needs your help!  A series of robberies have begun to cause panic and distrust within the city.  Witnesses are reporting seeing vampires lurking in the shadows.  The Guards are unable to solve the mystery.  Even worse, the citizens are blaming these events on the party.  Can Bridgefort be saved?

  • Explore the beautiful city of Bridgefort as you unravel clues to the true nature of the thief.
  • Work through the mystery where the choices the party makes has impact on future events.
  • Fight enemies who use advantages such as smaller size, secret tunnels, and hanging from the ceiling.
  • Complete with details of the city of Bridgefort, a fortified trading city rich in history that can be used in your campaign.
  • Perfect for experienced or beginning Game Masters!

Juice Cubes Game by Rovio, Maker of Angry Birds

How to play Juice CubesAre you an Angry Birds fan?  Do you love the new levels released?

A new tablet game has been released by Rovio, Juice Cubes.  Another game where you drag to make matches of at least three in a row.  Like most games, the instructions are simple.  It’s so simple, a cat can play it (thank you shared images from Facebook).

But, like always, the higher the score, the more Rovio Stars you get for the level.  There are three stars you can earn, and each has an indicator on the lower right of the playing field with how close you are to getting all three.

From playing the game, here are my hints to get the highest score:

  1. Complete the task in the lowest amount of moves.  The green levels have a certain number of pails you need to drop.  The blue levels have a certain amount of “sand” squares you need to blow up.  There are levels where you have to destroy the sand twice to eliminate it.  Your left over moves turn fruit into bombs and add additional score.
  2. The first 5 levels have a brown background.  All you need to do is get a score higher than the target.
  3. Purple levels have a timer.  You need to get a target score or higher before the timer runs out.
  4. Don’t worry about gold bars.  When you pass level 20 you get your first 8 bars.  You can use these to “buy” your way through, otherwise you need to get 3 friends to play Juice Cubes.  You can also buy the gold bars with cash (real money).  You can use gold bars to buy power-ups such as dynamite, multi-fruit bombs, and extra moves.

Rovio Juice Cube HintsHow do the bombs in Juice Cube work?

  • Drags that end straight up/down or left/right make a square bomb.
  • Drags that end with a diagonal make a round bomb.
  • Drags that have 8 or more create a multi-fruit bomb.
  • Drags that end with a circle bomb destroy a one square area of effect and a line.
  • Drags that end with a square bomb destroy in a straight line.
  • Drags that end with the multi-fruit bomb do an area off effect and a line from top to bottom.
  • Combinations that have the square bomb do a straight line.
  • Combinations that have the circle bomb do an area of effect.
  • Combinations that have a fruit-bomb destroy a certain color.

These results are just what I’ve seen from my limited play (at level 20).  If you have any other combinations, please use the “comment” area below!



Real Money Auction House for Diablo 3

It’s every gamer’s dream to make money playing their favorite game. Now Diablo 3 makes that possible with the real money auction Diablo 3 Auction House RMAHhouse (RMAH for short). Can you really become rich selling that Vampiric Short Sword? Well, it’s a matter of supply and demand. I’m sure rare crafting materials, twinking gear, and orange loot (ultra rare) will be bought and sold on the Auction House.


How can this possibly work? Well, starting this week you’ll be able to set up your RMAH. When you log into Diablo III it automatically determines your currency based on your account. Sorry Asians, no auction house is available at launch for some areas.


Make money with Diablo 3The Auction House is available from the character screen, on the left hand side where the button for “Public Games” is. From here you can search to buy something, or list something from your character’s inventory.


This all comes with a price though. The Auction House is going to take 15% of the sale price. So be sure to check out the official fees listed in the RMAH FAQ.  They do give you the ease of using PayPal or your credit card for purchases. You also have PayPal service for cashing out your real-world currency.





Diablo 3 playing guide