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I like MMOs.  I like RPGs.  I like conspiracy, especially anything Templar or Masonic.  So this past weekend a beta for a game that includes all these was put out there for anyone that signed up on their forums.  I had to double check there was no NDA for The Secret World.

The Secret World Pre Order

So here is Leonne’s review of The Secret World:

Physical attributes of The Secret World

  • Server Connectivity wasn’t an issue.  Didn’t seem to lag on my computer at all either. And this was a mass beta.
  • Game depth was enormous.  We didn’t even get off the first island.  There were missions that were stealth, missions that were puzzles, and missions that were just regular butt kicking.
  • Game graphics were okay for a game in beta, but not one that will be released in a week.  There are a lot of cut scenes and they were only average quality.  The biggest fault was the mouths didn’t move.  And your character NEVER says a thing.  The NPCs even comment on it.

Social Aspects of The Secret World


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It is an MMO after all.  We had three of us grouped together for most of my time in the game.  We use Skype to communicate, so we didn’t have to worry about quick typing.  That would have been a bother.  I didn’t figure out how to separate out chat channels, but I saw there was a way.  That would have been essential.  Things happen quickly in the game.

The Secret World Review

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There are no “levels” in The Secret World.  All characters use a point buy system.  So my character, Leonne si’Zetetic, was a blade user (sword) and also an Elemental magic user.  In her main hand she equipped a sword, and offhand was a focus for elemental magic.  There are several other slots for items in the character, and luckily there is a pop-up graphic for comparing new items to items already equipped.  Some, if not all, equipment is bind on equip.  I only made one character, so I’m not sure how to trade between characters.

Because of the point based system, I didn’t have any problems grouping with Lord Rcane’s character that was already played for several hours before I got through the installation and intro film.  My biggest frustration was actually user interface, not something the game was responsible for.  There didn’t seem to be any falling damage, which was good because I took a could of leaps.

Death was annoying, but not hindering.  When you die your anima, or spirit, walks back to your corpse.  So if you die someplace with big meanies, it could be a problem.

There is a “consider” or /con system.  I didn’t quite figure it out.  I’m sure the guys could give you an in depth discussion about yellows and reds.

ESRB Rated Mature

Rating Mature:
Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Violence
Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB














  1. Yellow = Ouch, getting help would be a bonus.
    Orange = Big Ouch, more help, bigger guns, come back soon
    Red = Run like hell, you gonna die!

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