Landmark decorating with props

Ornate Small Chest
15 Essence of Earth
10 Silver Ingot
10 Iron Ingot
10 Bundle of Burled Wood

Crafting Stations in Landmark

Stone Forge
15 Copper Ingots
15 Elemental Copper
50 Coal
2100 Pile of Worked Stone

Alchemy Station
15 Iron Ingots
10 Tin Ingots
200 Aquamarine
50 Heartwood
150 Bundle of Burled Wood Planks

Tinkerer’s Workshop
30 Iron Ingots
20 Wild Heartwood
100 Bundle of Plain Wood Planks

Outfitters Table
10 Tungsten Ingot
15 Silver Ingot
400 Topaz (level 3)
30 Sundrop Heartwood
200 Bundle of Stripped Wood Planks

Landmark The Game

The frustration of playing an MMO in beta is that the instruction manual is non-existent.

Wow, does that mean that real life is nothing more than a beta?

Back to topic. Landmark. Yep, Landmark. You may have heard of “Everquest Next”. From the makers of Everquest, Sony has put together an upgrade to Minecraft. Landmark is world that will eventually become PVE, but built off of crafting. At least that’s how I see it.

Everquest veterans of ages long past (13-14 years) will remember the frustration of figuring out the recipes to craft items (the joy and the sorrow) before websites published them for us (thank you Alla!). So far, Landmark recipes are much simpler. You have a recipe built in to your crafting station that you need to just have the ingredients in your inventory somewhere. No more opening the forge, clicking a single item into the interface. However, no more carrying your sewing kit out adventuring (camping for that rare spawn). All crafting needs to be done at yours, or another person’s, claim.

Unlike Vanguard, it doesn’t seem you can die from crafting (ie deadly forge accidents). In fact, you can’t die at all yet. I consider that a benefit. I took a tumble from a 100’ high tower one day. Not a scratch.

So far I have played 5 days of Landmark. Just like Everquest, I spent the first day frustrated at not having any instructions. The world is huge. There are dozens of “zones” and each zone seems even bigger than the Dreadlands. However, the world is missing one vital thing. There is snow, there is ice, but no water. Yep, even in “Beach”, there are shells on the ground, but no agua.

Just like Everquest, it’s growing on me. Now that my frustration level has decreased, I’m exploring the world and wondering where the game will go. It seems that materials for crafting are available everywhere, but a day of harvesting will produce a small amount of crafting material. I spent a good amount of time yesterday just looking at what other people have managed to accomplish with world building. Unfortunately, potions and clothing is not a focus right now.

Day 1, Leonne’s journal. The world seems eerily quiet. There are no animals other than the occasional butterfly, but they flutter away quickly and cannot be caught. I’ve seen one other person, although there are several empty buildings. I awoke not knowing where I came from or how I got to be here. Some things seem familiar. Rcane is a man I know from another life. He arrived here a little before me. He gave me some of his old tools and showed me where to dig for metals and gems. He knows that as an elf soul, I love flowers and nature, so he gave me a tool to harvest flowers and plants to make clothing. A bigger priority though is metal and gems.

Day 2, Leonne’s journal. I’ve explored more of the area, but there is more to view than I have time and energy for. I spent the day harvesting metal and gems. There is a wide variety and our world has them very plentiful. I discovered more people’s buildings, and even ran into a few of the owners. This world is so vast you can’t see it all in one day.

Day 3, Leonne’s journal. I spent the day documenting flowers and plants in the area. I still haven’t seen any wildlife.

Day 4, Leonne’s journal. I noticed today the world has no water. We have ice and snow, but no running water. I found this while I was harvesting in two areas named after bodies of water, “beach” and “brook”. I was harvesting in a deep long valley and noticed on the ground there were sea shells. As I looked around I realized this was a large valley, large enough for a very big lake or small sea. So I went to another area named for water, “Rapids” I think, and again, no water. Well, it makes it easier to harvest if you don’t have to worry about drowning.

Day 5, Leonne’s journal. I staked my claim today in Lavatube. It is a small area to the east of where Rcane has settled. It is green, full of trees and flowers. It reminds me of my soul’s home in Felwithe. I have taken extra care to not harm any tree and make as little impact as possible. I have smoothed out the north east corner and dug down for a home area. Learning how to use the tools without a master to teach me has taken longer than I anticipated. I walked over to Rcane and got some tips from him. Where he is using mainly rocks and gems, I’m using mostly dirt and wood. I give him most of what I’ve harvested. I also made him and me new clothes. It takes a lot more fabric than I expected. I built a loom so hopefully that will go better with my next batch. They are much more efficient than doing the crafting without.

Determination (we are here)
Satisfaction (EU)
Understanding (EU)

Continents (zones):

  1. Abyss (1)
  2. Arch (1)
  3. Barrier (1)
  4. Bay (1)
  5. Beach (2)
  6. Brook (4)
  7. Canal (1)
  8. Cave (3)
  9. Channel (1)
  10. Cliff (2)
  11. Coral (2)
  12. Cove (1)
  13. Crater (4)
  14. Delta (2)
  15. Dune (1)
  16. Estuary (1)
  17. Fjord (1)
  18. Gully (3)
  19. Hilltop (3)
  20. Kettle (2)
  21. Lagoon (3)
  22. Lavatube (4)
  23. Levee (1)
  24. Lowland (1)
  25. Marsh (1)
  26. Outwash (4)
  27. Overhang (1)
  28. Oxbow (4)
  29. Peak (2)
  30. Pit (4)
  31. Playa (3)
  32. Point (2)
  33. Rapids (1)
  34. Ridge (4)
  35. Rift (4)
  36. Scree (2)
  37. Shield (1)
  38. Shoal (3)
  39. Sound (3)
  40. Spine (2)
  41. Summit (4)
  42. Terrace (4)
  43. Timber (4)
  44. Tor (3)
  45. Trench (2)
  46. Tunnel (3)
  47. Vale (3)
  48. Valley (2)
  49. Wetland (1)