Cleric Melee Build – Battlepriest

Cleric Melee Build – Battlepriest

Our blessed Lady Leonne Silvertear, Priestess of the Vigil, has divined a solution to the problems faced by many clerics who wish to use the strength of their faith in melee combat to smite evil rather than solely support other heroes.  In short, she has found a melee build for clerics that proves capable and durable in combat, while giving up some healing capabilities.

Shaman ~ Justicar ~ Sentinel

The game recommends Shaman, Justicar, and Druid as a synergistic build. But then you have to choose if you want Greater Fairy, Battle Charge, or Commitment; you can’t have them all. So my choice was to leave off the Druid and add in Sentinel. It’s probably because I’m prejudiced, I like to be able to heal a bit and occasionally nuke.

So this is my thought for a melee build cleric for Rift. Max level will be 26 Shaman, 25 Justicar, and 15 Sentinel. I love charge on my warrior, and hate to walk into battle. So I bee-lined it for Battle Charge, but that requires 26 points.

Shaman 26 Points

* Tier 1

Thick Skinned 3/3

Dauntless Courage 5/5

Unyielding 5/5

* Tier 2

Favored of the Valnir 2/2

Glacial Shield 1/1

Overwhelming 5/5

* Tier 3

Vengeance of the Frozen Earth 1/1

* Tier 4

Endless Winter 2/2

* Tier 5

Lust for Blood 1/3

* Tier 6

Battle Charge 1/1

Next would be Sentinel points to 15, but alternate with Justicar points to 25, giving a balance of buffing, smacking, and healing.

Sentinel 15 Points

* Tier 1

Benediction 5/5

Watchful Gaze 5/5

* Tier 2

Walk in the Light 5/5

Justicar 25 Points

* Tier 1

Hammer of Virtue 5/5

Armor of Virtue 5/5

* Tier 2

Healer’s Creed 2/2

Life’s Devotion 3/3

Doctrine of Bliss 1/1

* Tier 3

Reparation 1/1

Stalwart Citadel 3/3

* Tier 4


* Tier 5

Commitment 5/5


This makes the Battlepriest a good balanced melee cleric build in Rift with Battle Charge for melee from the Shaman soul, enough healing from the Sentinel soul, and a good balance of damage and melee from the Justicar soul.

Water Breathing – A Fish Called Wanda (Leonne)

Water Breathing

We ran into a difficulty with some underwater puzzles & quests.  They were very hard to do when you had to go up for air every so often.  Since there are only two water breathing potions in Telara for each person (going off Guardian information), we had to get creative.  I created another role just to acquire “Blessing of the Sea“, an ability that grants the ally the ability to breathe underwater.

To acquire “Blessing of the Sea” one must spend 18 points in the Warden Soul.  So here is my water breathing cleric build, or A Fish Called Leonne.

Warden Cleric Soul – 18 points

Aquatic Affinity – 5/5
Destructive Tide 5/5

Dehydrate 1/1
Surging Rapids 0/5
Fluidity 5/5

Ebb and Flow 5/5
Dissolution 0/1
Restorative Tide 2/2

Orbs of the Stream 1/1
Still Waters 0/5

Tidal Resonance 0/2
Diona’s Gift 0/5
Ripple 0/1

Now, you may ask, what do I do from here?  Well, I personally don’t like the Warden Cleric Soul, so I switch out of it as soon as possible.  But you can pair it well with several other souls, and since my favorite soul is actually the Sentinel Cleric Soul, I have it paired with that as I go up in level.  The Purifier Cleric Soul is recommended to complete the set.  I haven’t yet played with the Purifier Cleric Soul, perhaps those that have can give some responses.

Leonne’s versatile Rift cleric build

I love that you can do different Rift character builds, but I found it cumbersome to change all the time.  So I came up with my own good, all around Rift cleric build that does melee ok, ranged ok, and rift closing with a group ok.  (Note: I have not tried in PVP)

Sentinel main soul (40 points)

Righteous Burden 0/2 (might be good for PVP, snares the enemy)
Benediction 5/5
Watchful Gaze 5/5

Walk in the Light 1/5
Light Concentration 5/5
Shards of Light 1/1

Embolden 0/3 (good for AOE heal)
Light Efficiency 5/5
Luminous Gaze 1/1

Healing Invocation 1/1
Enraputed Breath 3/3
Protect the Flock 2/2

Lasting Invocation 5/5
Empowering Light 1/1

Vested Interest 0/2
Shared Recover 1/1
Serendipity 3/3

Healer’s Haste 1/1

Druid second soul (26 points gives you the Greater Faerie, doesn’t die so easily)

Touch of the Fae 5/5
Strength of Earth 5/5

Heed the Call 3/3
Balm of the Woods 1/1
Spirit of the Hunter 5/5

Slumber 1/1
Savage Force 5/5
Brutal Impact 0/3

Grim Silenced 1/1
Boundless Growth 0/3
Spirit of the Wood 0/5

Justicar third soul – 0 points, can be replaced with any other soul

So, if I do my math right, that gives you a level 50 cleric.  Rift roles are different from any other system I worked with, and building a cleric up to live in a variety of situations has been fun.  I love to play Leonne more than any other character (my only other out of the tutorial after launch is a warrior).  I have enough cleric healing to keep a warrior tank alive, enough buffs/debuffs to keep the mage alive, and have fun while doing it.  Feel free to comment below with what you think might improve my all around, versatile Rift cleric build.