Crafting Requiring Runeguard Faction

It has recently come to our attention that several crafting quests that required Runeguard faction (Friendly), are no longer requiring this as a minimum.  Specifically, we first noticed this on our Cinerium recipe, but looked back at some of our stored crafting recipes (Bronze in particular) and found that the requirement has vanished.  At this time, we are unsure of whether this was intentional or not, but the Guardians are all praying to the Vigil that the requirement does not return…. Defiants are researching the issue and deliberating, or whatever Defiants do.

We here at will update this information if it changes, but let us rejoice for the moment and enjoy it!

This has been a public service announcement about Crafting in Rift.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled carnage and mayhem.  Again, at this time, the Runeguard Faction requirements for many if not all crafting recipes has been removed, and we hope it does not return.

Rift Apothecary Recipes from Quartermasters

At Kain’s Command in Scarwood

  • Recipe: Growth Brew (4, 0, 0)
    • Use: Increases the size of the imbiber for 60 seconds.  Requires level 45.
    • Ingredients: Empty Runed Bottle, Gnarled Core, Tempestflower Stems, Eternal Planar Dust (2).  Requires Level 50, Requires Apothecary 260, Requires Iron Claw Trappers: Honored

At Wyrmbane Spire in Shimmersand

  • Recipe: Heroic Warding Potion
    • Use: Absorbs up to 2488 Physical Damage.  Lasts 30 seconds.  Requires level 50.
    • Ingredients: Empty Runed Bottle, Twilight Bloom Roots (2), Potent Extract (2).  Requires Apothecary 300, Requires Dragonslayer Covenant: Honored.


At Zareph’s Return in Stillmoor

  • Recipe: Heroic Philter of Power (4, 30, 0)
    • Use: Increases the Attack Power and Spell Power of party and raid members by 50.  Lasts 30 seconds.  Requires level 50.
    • Ingredients: Empty Runed Flask, Pristine Distillate, Dark Pith (2).  Requires apothecary 300, Requires Order of Mathos: Honored.

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Recipe: Black Dye

Achieved (with Flue’s help) today.  Made 6 vials for the man-in-black.  The recipe is purchased in Sanctum, requires a level 290 apothecary skill.

  • Twilight Bloom Roots
  • Darkened Bone (2)
  • Eternal Planar Dust (2)
  • Empty Runed Bottle -bought

So for those of you on Estrael, I’ll make this for you for 20 gold (my standard price for friends) and you provide the materials.