Crafting Requiring Runeguard Faction

It has recently come to our attention that several crafting quests that required Runeguard faction (Friendly), are no longer requiring this as a minimum.  Specifically, we first noticed this on our Cinerium recipe, but looked back at some of our stored crafting recipes (Bronze in particular) and found that the requirement has vanished.  At this time, we are unsure of whether this was intentional or not, but the Guardians are all praying to the Vigil that the requirement does not return…. Defiants are researching the issue and deliberating, or whatever Defiants do.

We here at will update this information if it changes, but let us rejoice for the moment and enjoy it!

This has been a public service announcement about Crafting in Rift.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled carnage and mayhem.  Again, at this time, the Runeguard Faction requirements for many if not all crafting recipes has been removed, and we hope it does not return.

Rift Cinerium Recipe

Rift Cinerium Recipe

Many miners have sought long and hard throughout Telara to find the secret of the rarest alloy known… that of Cinerium.  At last, and with the aid of other miners, the secret has been found and can be revealed!  Special thanks to Lord Traum for his assistance in locating and providing information that helped me locate and confirm this discovery.

Quest: An Extraordinary Find

Item: Glinting Nugget

Found on Orichalcum

In: Stillmoor and Lake of Solace (Thanks Traum)

Requires Mining: 280


Leads to Quest: Greater Than The Sum

Carmintium Bars x 10

Orichalcum Bars x 10


Reward: Recipe: Cinerium Bar

Requires: Mining 280

To Make:

Carmintium Bar x 1

Orichalcum Bar x 1

Major Flux x 1


Of special note on this recipe, we found that unlike many previous recipes, it did not require any Runeguard faction.  It is our sincere hope that the mining and smithing worlds will benefit from this incredible find, and that the secrets of the Cinerium Recipe will be yours in your efforts in Rift.

Rift Harvesting Minimums

Rift Harvesting Minimums

Greeting Telarans!  From our explorations and crafting exploits we bring you the skills needed to harvest these materials, and a few locations to find them.  As with most of our information, it is decidedly biased toward Guardians, but as much information as we have for our Defiant opponents has also been included.

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We hope this harvesting information, along with the upgraded materials recipes we have been finding will help our crafter friends get everything they can from Rift.  With the harvesting skills and level minimums, this should help you plan your Rift crafting plans.

Rift Bronze Quest

Rift Bronze Quest

Greetings Miners of Telara!  Today, we bring you a special treat that comes from the Defiant side of the struggle.  This secret is reputed to be found in Silverwood and Gloamwood as well.  The secret of making Bronze is now at your disposal.


Quest:An Unusual Ore

Item: Unusual Ore

Off: Copper Vein

In: Freemarch

Requires Mining 50

Leads To Quest: Metal Mixing

Tin Bars x 10

Copper Bars x 10

Reward: Recipe: Bronze Bar

Requires: Mining 50

Requires: The Runeguard: Friendly

To Make:

Copper Bar x 1

Tin Bar x 1

Unstable Flux x 1


We hope this helps provide materials for some of our lower level friends.  Although, it is frustrating to need The Runeguard faction on such a low level recipe.  Best of journeys, and good luck with the Bronze Quest in Rift!

Rift Darkmetal Quest

This week, we continue our support of the crafting community with our discovery of the Darkmetal quest in Rift.  Darkmetal is used in fairly high end weapons and armor, and we hope this helps your equipment.


Quest: Mysterious Metal

Item: Mysterious Ore

Found: Titanium Node, Stillmoor

Mining 185 Required

Upon turn in, provides the quest: An Ancient Alloy


Quest: An Ancient Alloy


Cobalt Bars 10

Titanium Bars 10


Reward: Recipe: Darkmetal Bar

Requires: Mining 185

Requires: The Runeguard: Friendly


To Make:

Cobalt Bar x 1

Titanium Bar x 1

Minor Flux x 1


Best of luck finding the Darkmetal quest, and enjoy closing some rifts while you are at it!


Quest for Steel

From a chromite node near Kain’s command (Scarwood Reach)

10 iron

10 chromite