Rift Beta Four Summary – A whole new battlefield!

Rift Beta Four Summary, Combat on a new Battlefield!

Rift Beta Four: 1/7/2011-1/10/2011

Rift Beta Four introduced several new key elements of the upcoming game Rift, set to be released on 3/1/2011. Among these new introductions were Warfronts, Soul Quests, increased levels, and two new zones including a dungeon a piece!

Warfronts are an optional PVP element where Guardians and Defiants fight over specific objectives, in an instanced area specific to that Warfront. Apparently, this option is available on both PVE and PVP servers, and therefore offers a usually PVE player some arena to try their build against other players or smash some skulls when the need arises.

Soul Quests allow players to plan out more diverse capabilities. Each player has three different souls by the time they complete the starting area, but until these quests were added, additional souls were very difficult to acquire. With this addition, players can add more souls, and abilities, as options that their character can pursue. A Mage, for example, can start out as an Elementalist/Stormcaller/Archon build and change it to any other soul combination, such as Warlock/Necromancer/Pyromancer, assuming he completes the quests to do so.

Beta Four also increased the player experience by increasing the Beta level from 20 to 27. Adding new levels, and therefore new abilities to the player mix. This was coupled with the introduction of the zones of Stonefield and Gloamwood, with their respective dungeons of Deepstrike Mines and Darkening Deeps.

Rift Beta Five goes live on 1/25/2011! If you do not already have a VIP Beta Key, you can get into Rift Betas by pre-purchasing the game from most sources, including Amazon and GameStop. These keys will allow you access to all Rift Betas and the prelaunch on 2/24/2011!

Rift Beta Five Summary will be available after Rift Beta Five has ended. Until then, we hope you have enjoyed Rift Beta Four Summary, and previous summaries. See you in Telara!

Rifts opening March 1, 2011! Be Ready!

Rift Release Date, The Invasions Begin….

It’s official! It’s announced! And its coming to a Rift near you! Trion announced today the release date of their upcoming MMO Rift to be March 1, 2011.

Quoting again from the forums, and Abigale, aka Cindy Bowen, Senior Community Manager:

Retail and Digital Pre-Order Start Today

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – January 4, 2011 – Trion Worlds, a global publisher and developer of premium online games, today announced that the upcoming MMORPG Rift™ is scheduled to launch in North America on March 1st and in Europe on March 4th. Today also marks the start of the game’s pre-order program through both digital and retail channels.

“The launch of Rift is the culmination of our tireless efforts over the past several years to bring players the most complete, full-featured, and dynamic online game they’ve ever experienced,” said Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion Worlds. “Through the dedication, creativity, and incredible track record of our veteran development team, we’ve been able to create an exceptionally polished and immersive online world filled with adventure, surprise, and beauty. We can’t wait to share Rift with players around the world.”

Beginning today, customers who pre-order Rift receive their choice of one-of-three exclusive in-game pets, and are eligible to participate in the head-start period anticipated to begin February 24th. Pre-order customers will also be granted access to play in all remaining closed-beta events. Beta details, including a regularly updated event schedule, are available at http://www.RIFTgame.com/beta.

Available for purchase online and at select retail outlets, the Standard, Digital Collector’s and Retail Collector’s Editions of the game will sell for $49, $59.99 and $79.99 USD, respectively. The standard monthly subscription rate for the game will be $14.99 USD.“

Amazon and Gamestop both have their pre-orders up and available, including the correct date (note the links on the page here to help).

Also with the subscription set at $14.99, its good to see new games competitively priced.

Game On! And Open a Rift for us!

Don’t miss out on Rift, with a release date less than 2 months from now.