Sith Juggernaut: Na’lona end game

Player:  I’ve never experienced this.  I’m level 50 (max level) in a game and I’m actually still interested in playing the game!  My group just finished Corellia (Na’lona is now recognized as the Emperor’s Wrath by the Dark Council) and I’m still playing.  At least, when I’m not at work blogging because I can’t be playing.

Na’lona is a very strong Sith Juggernaut, but she sure doesn’t do damage.  She can take the beat down for quite a bit though.  But I always group with a Bounty Hunter and a Sith Sorcerer.

Na’lona’s companion, Vette

Sith Warrior Companion VetteI came away from Korriban with one hangup, a little Twi’lek named Vette as a companion.  I think she will cause me to show too much weakness.  She has a soft heart, shares information and asks questions best left unasked.

She’s actually seen more of the galaxy then I have.  Her last “job” was with a pirate like group, stealing from those that stole from her home planet of Ryloth.


Companion Gifts:  I gave Vette an underground good I bought off of the Imperial fleet, and she really liked it.

Sith Warrior: Na’lona

The tombs of Korriban held no fear for me.  Old, dusty, death.  Fear makes you stupid.  There is no fear of dead things.  That’s what I thought until I started learning the powers that Mala could control.  I’ve watched her learn to control ghosts of old.  But I get ahead of myself.  You don’t know that story yet.

I’m Na’lona.  I came to Korriban to meet my master, Darth Barras.  Baras has sent me on many missions. One was to discover the identity of Jedi Master Nomen Karr’s padawan.  This padawan has unique abilities, ones that make my master worry.  I see a weakness in my master.  I hope it doesn’t lead to his downfall, and mine.