Juice Cubes Game by Rovio, Maker of Angry Birds

How to play Juice CubesAre you an Angry Birds fan?  Do you love the new levels released?

A new tablet game has been released by Rovio, Juice Cubes.  Another game where you drag to make matches of at least three in a row.  Like most games, the instructions are simple.  It’s so simple, a cat can play it (thank you shared images from Facebook).

But, like always, the higher the score, the more Rovio Stars you get for the level.  There are three stars you can earn, and each has an indicator on the lower right of the playing field with how close you are to getting all three.

From playing the game, here are my hints to get the highest score:

  1. Complete the task in the lowest amount of moves.  The green levels have a certain number of pails you need to drop.  The blue levels have a certain amount of “sand” squares you need to blow up.  There are levels where you have to destroy the sand twice to eliminate it.  Your left over moves turn fruit into bombs and add additional score.
  2. The first 5 levels have a brown background.  All you need to do is get a score higher than the target.
  3. Purple levels have a timer.  You need to get a target score or higher before the timer runs out.
  4. Don’t worry about gold bars.  When you pass level 20 you get your first 8 bars.  You can use these to “buy” your way through, otherwise you need to get 3 friends to play Juice Cubes.  You can also buy the gold bars with cash (real money).  You can use gold bars to buy power-ups such as dynamite, multi-fruit bombs, and extra moves.

Rovio Juice Cube HintsHow do the bombs in Juice Cube work?

  • Drags that end straight up/down or left/right make a square bomb.
  • Drags that end with a diagonal make a round bomb.
  • Drags that have 8 or more create a multi-fruit bomb.
  • Drags that end with a circle bomb destroy a one square area of effect and a line.
  • Drags that end with a square bomb destroy in a straight line.
  • Drags that end with the multi-fruit bomb do an area off effect and a line from top to bottom.
  • Combinations that have the square bomb do a straight line.
  • Combinations that have the circle bomb do an area of effect.
  • Combinations that have a fruit-bomb destroy a certain color.

These results are just what I’ve seen from my limited play (at level 20).  If you have any other combinations, please use the “comment” area below!