An update to The Secret World 1.1.1

I spent some time today viewing the official forums of TSW to see what info I could gleam about how the update last Tuesday is being received.  I was impressed, not too much complaining.  Even with the huge snafu on Sunday with the dimensions going down during the free weekend, not too bad.  Funcom seems to be managing it’s reputation well enough right now.

I looked through the long update notes for 1.1.1 on the website.  I’m not seeing any improvements to the quests in the past I’ve complained about (ie investigations).  Right now my group is in City of the Sun God almost finished with the story line mission.

The Secret World One Month Anniversary Free Play Weekend

Surprise, Surprise.  The Secret World is having problems with retention.  They have even emailed all subscribers that didn’t re-subscribe the second month for a free weekend.  I can only imagine that other people, like myself, are frustrated with the bugs in the game, especially with broken investigation missions, that they have cancelled their credit cards.

A list of missions (so far) that I found frustrating and/or broken.  This list isn’t everything, just the top 3. [Read more…]

Spy on your friend’s abilities and loot in The Secret World

The Secret World Leonne Silvertear

If the world wasn’t so dark… a bit overexposed.

Ever wonder if that noob you just killed in The Fusang Project had any decent skills in their character build?  Or perhaps you are a cabal leader looking to recruit some peeps?  Funcom has just given us quite a tool to spy on people’s abilities for their MMORPG The Secret World.  They call it the Chronicle.  [Read more…]

Agenda 71 The Secret World

The conspiracy of Agenda 71 is so well covered up, that if you search on the internet for TSW Agenda 71 you won’t find it.  I even wonder if this blog will continue to exist after I publish about it.  I wish I had taken better notes when the topic of Agenda 71 came up on my way around London.  I haven’t heard much of Agenda 71 since my discussion with Marianne Shelley, the liaison between the Templars in London and the London Police Force.  I ran into her when I was exploring the darker part of London (Parkside, in the alleys) looking for items of Templar Lore.  She was investigating a murder

Dialogue in A Sign of the Times references Agenda 71The quest is called A sign of the times (7 tiers).  These types of quests we refer to as intermission quests.  Our group of three breaks up and runs these (seems to be solo missions) before we go to the next zone – Egypt!  Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn in the Templar Temple gives it to you after you solve the creepy stuff in Kingsport.  First she sends you to talk to Marianne Shelley.  Marianne is up a ramp in the Parkside part of town.  Marianne is standing next to a door that has police tape all over it.  She talks to you and tells you the sight inside is gruesome (thus another Mature rating moment).   Marianne tells you to go inside (nickname for this quest is Cold Storage) and down the passage to the storage area.  You go in and find an area blocked.  A lever is available to pull to remove the barrier.  In the next room is the most gruesome sight. Several bodies hanging from meat hooks from the ceiling, and a dead body in a pool of blood on the floor in the middle.  Surrounding the body is several candles, and a shiny item beyond them next to the body.  When you try to retrieve the shiny object, a force of some type prevents you from reaching it.  Taking another look, you can see the blood on the floor is in an octopus shape, with a Gruesome sight in A Sign of the Timescandle at the end of each arm.  The candles are lit, but you can’t seem to change them and affect anything.  You must find more evidence.  Going back to the previous room, you see a trail of blood goes to another of the cupboards, which isn’t a cupboard but a secret passage.  Of course, it’s stairs going down further.  This must be to the basement.  You find at the bottom of the stairs a medium sized room full of empty shelves and some crates on the far side.  Ignoring the bloody body parts you find 4 voice recorders.  They have the same voice, he’s talking about hearing of stars talking through a mirror.  Obviously he is in possession of a cursed mirror, and in one of the recordings he mentions he’s killed and fed the mirror human blood.  He then says he has to fight the mirror and bring an end to his torment.  I don’t think he succeeded.  I think the mirror won.  That’s all to the recordings.

On the floor you find Book of dust.  In the book it shows a diagram that matches the murder scene above.  It tells you numbers to affect the candles, you have to snuff them out in a certain order.  Sure enough, doing that removes the force and you can pick up the shiny object, an Ankh. But as you pick it up, a Reclaimer attacks. Defeat it and grab the Ankh.

You don’t know what purpose the ankh has, so off to the Temple Library to talk to experts!


Ways to get Experience in The Secret World

Ah my friends!  Welcome to my abode.  I understand you want to learn how to become more powerful in The Secret World.  Of course, when you defeat monsters in the world you gain a small amount of experience.  If you relate these experiences to someone in authority, you can gain additional experience.  And if someone gives you a mission, and you are successful, you gain even more experience.  But you can gain experience also by seeking out pieces of lore and legend from our world.  You can become more powerful by completing goals.

I love to collect lore in games.  It adds enjoyment for me.  Here is a summary of ways to get experience in The Secret World other than by killing mobs.

Finding important locations in The Secret World

Near the trailer park in Blue Mountain is an uncompleted pyramid called the Golden Wigwam. Be careful, the brutes in the hole are mean!





Finding Locations

Unlocking Goals in The Secret World

A goal earned in the warzone The Fusang Project.




Unlocking Goals

The Secret World is full of Lore

Lore icons are all over. Click on the icon to upload it. When read all together, they tell another tale.






Finding Lore

Alternate goals in The Secret World Incorporeal Kill 10 Spirits

Killing a certain number of monsters in the world can gain you a goal. Here is for killing 10 spirits in Blue Mountain






Killing mobs

Types of Quests in The Secret World

The quest interface takes a bit of getting used to in The Secret World.  You can click on the main icon to get a drop down of all your quests.  Clicking on another quest will make it the active one.  Clicking again will bring a pop-up.

Types of quests we’ve discovered so far:

The Secret World Quest TypesStory – blue icon, primary game narrative (you only have one at a time)

Dungeon Quests in The Secret WorldGroup/Dungeon – purple icon, dungeons (you only have one at a time)

PVP iconQuest Types in The Secret WorldAction – red/brown icon, combat-focused (you can have up to three side quests)

Quests The Secret World Investigation – light green icon, factional history/challenging puzzles (you can have up to three side quests)

Puzzle Quest The Secret WorldOther side quests such as kill & explore (you can have up to three side quests)


You will only ever have one story arc quest (the top one).  You can also only ever have one of the dungeon quests at a time, as well as the action quests.  You can have three side quests at any given time.  If you already have a quest of one type and pick up a new quest of the same type, it will go on hold and you can resume it from your log (L) at any time.

Fusang Project mission terminalYou get missions from many areas of the world.  You talk to NPCs and find locations around the world.  PVP is also run by missions.  My favorite PVP is a persistent warzone called The Fusang Project.

Jilted Bride Delivery Quest is the Worst so Far in Blue Mountain

A Delivery for the Departed (Jilted Bride)

AKA Jilted Bride

We’ve had a lot of frustration in The Secret World with various quests, but killing (or being killed by) the Jilted Bride in Blue Mountain was the WORST!  I understand from people who were in beta it is better now.  But it’s not fun!  What happened last night:

North end of Blue Mountain where the Jilted Bride isLeonne and two guildies were on their way to restore the wards as part of the quest Dawning of an Endless Night in Blue Mountain.  The area is at the other end of the map from where we entered from Savage Coast.  There is an unmarked cabin on the map where we turned off the road.  “Knight-Avenger” happened to see a marker for a side quest near the cabin.  So being the explorers we are, we went over and clicked on to accept the quest (A Delivery for the Departed).  Step one was to pick up a package from the bed of a truck.  Step two was to defend the package and take it to the manor.  Well, after you pick up the package a “Jilted Bride” spawns and starts attacking.  Knight-Avenger and Rcane quickly killed the bride.  And then she came back before we could group ourselves to run.  So they killed her again.  And she came back.  And they killed her again.  And she came back.  After about seven times of this, we decided to make a break for it.  So I went around the fence, and suddenly I couldn’t heal them because I lost line of sight.  It’s a 2′ tall wooden picket fence!

Luckily we use Skype to talk while we play, so I was able to tell Rcane and Knight-Avenger to move around the fence quickly.  But not quickly enough, Knight-Avenger fell to his wounds, and she came after me and quickly took me down.  Rcane soon followed.  While we ran for our corpses we decided to abandon the quest.  So getting back, we click to resurrect, and run for the zone to Kingsmouth Town.  Luckily we had already done the quest to open the passage.  But the Jilted Bride has a debuff that slows your movement to nearly zero.  Rcane and Knight-Avenger died again, I barely made it to the passage, only because I’m my own healer!

Coming back we carefully avoided the cabin, got the wards restored for the quest Dawning of an Endless Night, and moved on.  I can’t wait to get more side quests and clear that quest out (put it on hold).  I understand from reading forums you just don’t fight her, you run to the manor.  And you have to be your own healer, have a debuff cleaning ability, and if you have barriers that’s even better.  Not FUN!

Dawning of an Endless Night Completion

The Secret World | Dawning of an Endless NightThe Secret World launched on July 3rd. Exactly 2 weeks after, I completed the first major story arc, Dawning of an Endless Night.  I have to say I was surprised by the ending.  I won’t spoil it all for you here, I’ll do that in another post. I’m usually more of a casual gamer, but with The Secret World I’ve spent more hours than I want to acknowledge. I love the atmosphere, and if it weren’t for a few messed up quests, the game would be as close to perfect as it can. [Read more…]

TSW Quest Men In Black Vans

Leonne and the members of her Cabal, Milites Sanctae, completed a quest (Men in Black Vans) this weekend during Early Access to The Secret World that took some patience.  It was somewhat bugged, partly because other people were messing with the device,

and partly because it took some brain and the clue was wrong!

The Secret World has several different types of quests.  They are identified by different logos on the UI when you talk to the NPCs in the world.  Some of the quests are mutually exclusive, your current quest will get put on hold until you reactivate it.  This can be done from your quest journal (j by default) Orochi Group Men in Black Vans Quest

The now infamous quest is “Men in Black Vans” or MIBVans in TSW for short (and various similar acronyms).  It starts out that you find a van on the side of the road and some dead bodies in the sand a few meters off.  You can access the computer, but it has a password.  The hint for the password is “my wife”.  The dead bodies have ID tags on them identifying them as Emily Chan and Kitsune Hayabusa.  Nothing in game would tell you to look on the browser for other than is written at the bottom of their ID tags.  So when you go to on the internet you can search employee database and find that “Sally Andersen” is Kitsune’s wife.  Sally opens the computer to this screen:

The Secret World Men in Black Vans

Click to Enlarge – Quest Men in Black Vans

There is a second page, I’ll share it’s contents in a moment.  But now you need to find this device, because this wouldn’t be a good quest if they didn’t leave their “advanced occult technology” behind.  Head down hill, past the bodies, killing some mobs on the way.  In a ravine you will find the device (we actually found this earlier when we were traveling back and forth to the airport) on it’s side it has SSD25AS as a model number perhaps?.

Milites Sanctae looking at the advanced occult technology that Orochi Group left behind

Orochi Group’s advanced occult technology.

Now, this is the tricky part.  The light on top needs to change when you start to use the device.  There seems to be a timer that resets the device.  So if other people are playing with the machine, skip this quest.  It is annoying.  This particular quest should be in an instance so people can’t fiddle with the Field Deploying Occult Attractor V4 and screw up your machine.

Assembly Sequence:

  1. Engage PK Pulse Unit
  2. Affix Manifest Agitator to PK Pulse Unit
  3. Affix Etheric Transponder Antenna to Manifest Agitator
  4. Assume minimum safe distance before power up

Disassemble in reverse order to avoid etheric spikes, possible unwanted attention.

You want to disassemble the device so you:

  1. Click on the power console
  2. Click on the Etheric Transponder Antenna
  3. Click on the Manifest Agitator
  4. Click on the PK Pulse Unit.

Please leave comments if you have any corrections to this.  I’ll gladly edit it as the game launches and changes are made.


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Dimensions in The Secret World

Your Home Dimension in The Secret World

The technology that runs the servers for The Secret World is much different than we’ve experienced before.  Remember “servers”?  Well, The Secret World doesn’t have set servers.  You can join a group at any time, with any mix of characters.

When you make a character you choose a “dimension”.  This is your home dimension.  It has a certain language flag, and that will carry with you.  But what if your dimension is “full” when you log onto play?  Some magic happens that you get shuffled to another dimension, so you can still play.  But what if your friends are elsewhere?

For example, when Rcane and I logged on during beta we were on our home dimension.  But when Felgar logged in, he was shoved to another dimension.  We grouped up, and he was teleported to our dimension.  It was seemless.  I didn’t even notice until we started talking (we use Skype rather than typing) that the servers were full and he had been in another dimension.

These dimensions also extend to your cabal, or guild.  If you meet up with someone you want to have join your guild, you don’t have to worry about the home dimensions.  The new guildie will automatically join the main dimension for your cabal when you group up.  And chat groups are across dimensions always.  Very rarely will dimensions cause your game play in The Secret World any hassle.