Classic Rogue, Knife in the Back

Rift Rogue Build – Knife in the Back

This is the first in a series of character builds for Rifts. This particular build is a melee focused Rogue which also gives it the ability to hide indefinitely and move about the battle field. This is designed as a PVE build, especially useful in groups.

Key Benefits:

Healing ability from Leaching Poison and Rift Scavenger.

Ability to hide in combat, and stay hidden from Slip Away and Improved Stealth.

Heavy Melee Damage, from behind an enemy. Very useful in groups.

Dexterity Bonus from Combat Pose.

Endurance Bonus from Planebound Resilience

Damage bonus from Blade Tempo

Dodge Bonus from Side Steps

Also can solo mobs.


Very minimal ranged ability

Excellent damage dealing, not a great tank

Assassin – 33

Tier One

Ruthlessness – 5

Improved Final Blow – 3

Tier Two

Cloak and Dagger – 3

Murderous Intent – 2

Tier Three

Silent Footsteps – 2

Cruel Vengeance – 5

Tier Four

Magnify Pain – 2

Double Cross – 3

Backstab – 1

Tier Five

Subterfuge – 2

Improved Stealth – 1

Tier Six

Advanced Flanking – 2

Physical Trauma – 1

Tier Seven

Slip Away – 1

Bladedancer – 20

Tier One

Combat Expertise – 5

Quick Reflexes – 5

Tier Two

Strike Back – 2

Tier Three

Ambidextrous – 5

Tier Four

Turn the Tide – 2

Blade Tempo – 1

Riftstalker – 13

Tier One

Unseen Fury – 5

Tier Two

Great Fortitude – 5

Tier Three

Rift Scavenger – 3

This build is what I am currently playing/working on for my rogue. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me or contact me in game.

Rcane on Estrael

Flue on Estrael


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