Covetous Shen – Gems and Sockets in Diablo 3

Covetous Shen – Gems and Sockets in Diablo 3


Diablo 3 kept several of the main components from Diablo 2, sockets and gems to fill them. Although Diablo 2 had many different varieties of gems, Diablo 3 has simplified it into 4 gems to cover all the functions needed, in three different types of sockets. Covetous Shen, whom you rescue about half way through Act 2, is critical in upgrading these gems and getting the best results from your sockets.


Basic Gem Properties


Each of the gems fills 3 different types of sockets. The sockets used in Diablo 3 are weapon, helm, and other. The color of gem is the basis for the effect. The quality of gem determines the modifiers for each gem.

+ % Life (in helm)
+ Vitality (in armor or jewelry)
+ Life Steal (in weapon)

Diablo 3 Gem StatisticsEmerald
+ % Extra Gold From Monsters (in helm)
+ Dexterity (in armor or jewelry)
+ Critical Damage Increased by % (in weapon)

Diablo 3 Gem StatisticsRuby
Increases experienced rewarded per kill by % (in helm)
+ Strength (in armor or jewelry)
+ Damage (in weapon)

Diablo 3 Gem StatisticsTopaz
+ % Better Chance of Finding Magical Items (in helm)
+ Intelligence (in armor or jewelry)
+ Attackers take damage per hit (in weapon)

Leonne has written more on this topic of Diablo 3 gem stats here….

Upgrading Gems

With patch 1.03, upgrading gems in Diablo 3 has improved significantly. Covetous Shen upgrades the quality of the gems for you, for a small fee. Each upgrade requires a number of gems one tier lower than the the quality of gem you are making. Some gems require materials from Nightmare, Hell, or even Inferno difficulty.  These are summarized in the table below:

Gem Size Difficulty Shen Level Gold Cost to Produce Other Materials Gems
Chipped Normal N/A Found None Not Applicable
Flawed Normal 1 10 None 2 Chipped
Normal Normal 2 25 None 2 Flawed
Flawless Normal 3 40 None 2 Normal
Perfect Nightmare 4 55 1 Page of Jewelcrafting 2 Flawless
Radiant Nightmare 5 70 1 Page of Jewelcrafting 2 Perfect
Square Hell 6 85 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting 2 Radiant
Flawless Square Hell 7 100 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting 2 Square
Perfect Square Inferno 8 30000 3 Tomes of Secrets 3 Flawless Square
Radiant Square Inferno 9 50000 6 Tomes of Secrets 3 Perfect Square
Star Inferno 10 80000 9 Tomes of Secrets 3 Radiant Square
Flawless Star Rare Recipe

Perfect Star Rare Recipe

Radiant Star Rare Recipe



Full details on the attributes of each gem are linked below:





Using Covetous Shen and upgrading your gems for your sockets will help keep your equipment competitive or even superior in many regards during your travels through Diablo 3.

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