Dawning of an Endless Night Completion

The Secret World | Dawning of an Endless NightThe Secret World launched on July 3rd. Exactly 2 weeks after, I completed the first major story arc, Dawning of an Endless Night.  I have to say I was surprised by the ending.  I won’t spoil it all for you here, I’ll do that in another post. I’m usually more of a casual gamer, but with The Secret World I’ve spent more hours than I want to acknowledge. I love the atmosphere, and if it weren’t for a few messed up quests, the game would be as close to perfect as it can.

This quest took us from Kingsmouth Town, into The Savage Coast, and finally to Blue Mountain.  The story arcs are ment to be long, it’s the major breadcrumb the developers use to move you through the content.  Overall, I think this was a good way of railroading the story without making it feel like we were being forced.  Even at the last step, your character has a choice to make.

Leonne now has in her skills both Assault Rifles and Blood Magic completely done in the inner ring, and a good portion completed on the outer ring. I’m disappointed about the “deck” I tried, soldier. So I have some points spent in fists that I’ll never use those abilities again. There should be some way to refund because a player was stupid.

Until I changed over to assault rifles I was having a serious problem with the solo instance dungeons.  I still lost to Beaumont once last night.  I have to have 2 separate sections of gear, one for healing bonus and one for damage bonus.  I did notice that gear management allows you to choose your abilities on your hot bar separately.  So my healing has a group heal, but my combat set has damage there.  Maybe I should just name them grouping and hell-dungeons?  I’ll talk more on this separately too.

I just want to share my success at completing Dawning of an Endless Night, and tonight we’ll run to London and complete whatever Dame Julia wants us to.  Maybe we’ll even see Egypt?

If you haven’t yet picked up The Secret World, I highly recommend you do! The Secret World Early Access


  1. FallenWriter says:

    got the game a few weeks ago right here for a great deal ^^
    it’s so amazing – gameplay, storyline, quest, and so on!
    defenetly one of THE best games ever

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