Diablo 1.0.3 Patch for Jewel Crafting

Diablo 3 Gem StatisticsThere have been many people complaining on the Diablo 3 forums about this most recent patch, 1.0.3 and how many “nerfs” there have been.  They are threatening to go back to ______ (enter whatever game you want).  I say, “go ahead”!  So let’s take a moment and look at the Diablo 3 Gems, and how this patch has changed them.

Diablo 3 Patch Notes on Gems and Jewel Crafting

The gold and material cost to combine gems ranks 2-8 has been reduced
Combinations for these ranks now only require 2 gems, down from 3
The gold cost to combine each rank of gems is now as follows:

Rank 2 – Flawed: 10 gold (down from 500 gold)
Rank 3 – Regular: 25 gold (down from 750 gold)
Rank 4 – Flawless: 40 gold (down from 1250 gold)
Rank 5 – Perfect: 55 gold (down from 2000 gold)
Rank 6 – Radiant: 70 gold (down from 3500 gold)
Rank 7 – Square: 85 gold (down from 7500 gold)
Rank 8 – Flawless Square: 100 gold (down from 20,000 gold)

Diablo 3 Chipped Emerald When you loot a gem in Act 1, it’s just a chipped gem stone, like a chipped emerald.  That is a Rank 1 stone.  You can loot the bigger gems, but you can also combine smaller gems (after you find Covetous Shen) into bigger gems.  With the reduction of magic items dropping that I talked about in my last post, I’m glad that gold prices are going down too.  This might just make using socketed items in Diablo 3 worth it again at lower levels.

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