Diablo 3 Crafting – Normal Difficulty

Diablo 3 Crafting – Normal Difficulty


Diablo 3 introduces a new crafting system, the Artisan system, starting in Act 1 of Normal Difficulty. The first Artisan you will be able to use is the blacksmith, Haedrig Eamon. In Act 2, you are able to begin crafting jewel augments via the jeweler Covetous Shen. Neither of these systems uses the old Horadric Cube method, instead you train the artisan and pay them and provide materials for crafting items.


Blacksmith Crafting


Haedrig Eamon – BlacksmithDiablo 3 crafting armor

Map Symbol: Anvil

Act I Location: North East of the Teleport Circle, New Tristram

Act II Location: North of Teleport Circle, Hidden Camp

Act III and IV Location: North East of Teleport Circle, Bastion Keep


Haedrig becomes available for crafting in Act I. With training, he can make several different items at various adventuring levels. But he needs to be trained multiple times in order to gain all the recipes in a level in order to advance to the next level.


For Normal Difficulty the recipe levels are:


Rank Minimum         Gear Level Range

Apprentice                 4-11

Journeyman              15-21

Adept                           22-27

Master                         26-29


All of these recipes use Tier I ingredients, specifically:

Common – Subtle Essence

Rare – Fallen Tooth


These ingredients are acquired by salvaging magical items at the blacksmith. Rare items (yellow) give both a Subtle Essence and a Fallen Tooth. Magical items always give a Subtle Essence and occasionally a Fallen Tooth as well. Items up to just under 30th level are considered Tier 1 and provide these materials.


Jewelry Crafting


Covetous Shen – JewelerDiablo 3 Gems and Jewelry

Map Symbol: Gem

Act I Location: Follow West Road from Teleport Circle to bottom of hill, Tristram

Act II Location: West of Teleport Circle, Hidden Camp

Act III and IV Location: North West of Teleport Circle, Bastion Keep


Covetous Shen is found in Act II and after finishing a small quest, he joins the hero’s camp. Shen provides the ability to combine 3 smaller gems to make one larger gem. Unlike Haedrig, Shen only trains once per level, increasing the size of the 4 gems he can make. Each of the gems has 3 distinct properties, depending on if it is a weapon, helm, or other slot. Gems also do not have a minimum level like other equipment does, however the first socketed items are found in Act II.

Gem sizes and the required Jeweler Level to make them, available in Normal Difficulty are listed below. Chipped Jewels are not made, only found.


Gem Size              Jeweler Level

Chipped                Not Applicable

Flawed                  1

Normal                  2

Flawless               3


Gem Effects:



Weapon: Heals Player per Hit

Helm: Life Increased by %

Other: Vitality Increased



Weapon: Critical Damage Increased

Helm: Gold Found Increased

Other: Dexterity Increased



Weapon: Damage Increased

Helm: Increased Exp from Monsters

Other: Strength Increased



Weapon: Melee Attackers Take Damage

Helm: Find Magic % Increased

Other: Intelligence Increased




Between the gem augment system and the crafting of many items from the blacksmith, crafting may seem complicated. Players can both upgrade gems and make a wide variety of items. With a little practice, the simplicity of the crafting system will become apparent. Crafting in Diablo 3, starting on Normal difficulty, allows players to keep their character with appropriate gear and help their friends and alternate characters as well.

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