Diablo 3 Gem Statistics

When searching for a good write up of the Diablo 3 gem statistics, I kept getting beta information rather than live information.  I’m sure that time will weed these out of the search results.  But until then, here is what I have so far for the gem statistics.

Gems go into armor, weapons, and jewelry that have sockets.  Sockets in armor are randomly placed.  There are only four colors of gems: amethyst, emerald, ruby, and topaz.  Depending on your character class, different gems will be more important.  Also, which item you put the gem in will have different results.  Helms, armor, and weapons are the categories.

Diablo 3 Gem StatisticsAmethyst
+ % Life (in helm)
+ Vitality (in armor or jewelry)
+ Life Steal (in weapon)

Diablo 3 Gem StatisticsEmerald
+ % Extra Gold From Monsters (in helm)
+ Dexterity (in armor or jewelry)
+ Critical Damage Increased by % (in weapon)

Diablo 3 Gem StatisticsRuby
Increases experienced rewarded per kill by % (in helm)
+ Strength (in armor or jewelry)
+ Damage (in weapon)

Diablo 3 Gem StatisticsTopaz
+ % Better Chance of Finding Magical Items (in helm)
+ Intelligence (in armor or jewelry)
+ Attackers take damage per hit (in weapon)

My Witch Doctor loves topaz gems for the intelligence.  But she has an amethyst in her helm for the % life.  On the other hand, my Demon Hunter has mostly emerald gems for dexterity, although I have a amethyst in her bow for the life steal.  If you are adventuring with friends, you may trade out gems to get more of what you want.

After you get to hell level, the perfect square gems start dropping.  I’m not very far into hell yet, but my friends tell me they sell the smaller gems because it’s not worth using Covetous Shen’s gem combining at that point.


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