Diablo 3 Lore – Act One – Part One

Diablo 3 Lore – Act One – Part One

Prophecy states that the end of days will begin when a star falls on the cathedral in Tristram. Leah, and her adoptive Uncle Deckard Cain, are researching in the cathedral at the time of the impact. Leah escapes; her uncle is not as lucky.

Our hero comes to Tristram in search of the Fallen Star…

Fallen Star Diablo 3

The Fallen Star

When our hero arrives near New Tristram, the undead have already begun to rise. Zombies assault the gates of the town, and the town militia has suffered from heavy losses. Only one member of the original militia has survived, now Captain Rumford. After helping defend the gates, our hero proceeds to the Slaugtered Calf Inn where Leah is staying.

After saving Leah and the rest of the city from more undead, our hero heads to Old Tristram, along the way defeating the wretched mothers and their queen. These abominations are the source of the zombies that plague New Tristram. But these creatures are only the beginning of the problems for our hero and the city.

The Legacy of Cain

Searching for Cain leads the hero to the cathedral, but requires a stop at the house of the witch, Adria. Leah reveals that she is the daughter of Adria, but believes she died shortly after she was born, just over 19 years ago, after the events of Diablo and Diablo II. Leah knows very little about Adria, until she finds a journal in a chamber under Adria’s house.

Cain is indeed alive, and the brave hero rescues him from the clutches of the Skeleton King, Leoric. Leoric has been brought back from the grave by the power of the Fallen Star. After his rescue, Cain sends our hero to aid the blacksmith, Haedrig, to find the location of Leoric’s Crown, the key to defeating him.

A Shattered Crown

After being forced to slay his own wife, who was becoming a zombie, Haedrig reveals that the crown is buried in the crypt of his grandfather, the former chancellor for King Leoric. Our hero must now proceed north from New Tristram, brave the dangers of The Weeping Hollow, and explore the depths of The Cemetary of the Forsaken.

Deep in one of the numerous tombs, the crown is still being guarded by the spirit of Haedrig’s grandfather. After defeating him, return the crown to Haedrig and he will repair it. Haedrig will then join you to build you weapons and armor throughout your travels.


Reign of the Black King

Now that the crown has been repaired, it is time to confront the Skeleton King and continue on to the Fallen Star. Returning to the Cathedral Gardens, our hero ventures deeper into the depths of the cathedral. While continuing through the cathedral, our hero stumbles across a dark ritual; cultists are torturing a man.

After freeing the man, and helping him find his equipment, he introduces himself as Kormac, the Templar. After we help him defeat Jondar, a former templar who had joined forces with the coven that plagues New Tristram, he joins our hero in the quest to save the world.

Further in the depths, the Skeleton King lies in wait. After defeating him, our hero is finally able to find the Fallen Star…. but it is not a star, but a man.


Important Lore Notes:

Deckard Cain – The Last Horadrim, has been training Leah even though he wishes her a better life.

Leah – Daughter of Adria and a brave warrior

Leoric – King consumed by Diablo’s evil. Father of two sons, Aidann and Albrecht.

Aidann – First son of King Leoric, hero of Diablo 1 and Dark Wanderer of Diablo 2

Albrecht – Younger son of King Leoric, sacrificed by Lazarus to restore Diablo

Arch Bishop Lazarus – Adviser of King Leoric, worshiper of Diablo, wanted to come to Tristram

Lachdanon – Captain of the Guard, kills Leoric to save Tristram


Allies Who Join the Hero:

Haedrig Eamon, Blacksmith

Kormac, Templar


This is the beginning of the tale of Diablo 3. Much of the lore of the trilogy is linked together in this act through conversations and books. Part One of Act One will take your hero to roughly 9th level in Diablo 3.

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