Dimensions in The Secret World

Your Home Dimension in The Secret World

The technology that runs the servers for The Secret World is much different than we’ve experienced before.  Remember “servers”?  Well, The Secret World doesn’t have set servers.  You can join a group at any time, with any mix of characters.

When you make a character you choose a “dimension”.  This is your home dimension.  It has a certain language flag, and that will carry with you.  But what if your dimension is “full” when you log onto play?  Some magic happens that you get shuffled to another dimension, so you can still play.  But what if your friends are elsewhere?

For example, when Rcane and I logged on during beta we were on our home dimension.  But when Felgar logged in, he was shoved to another dimension.  We grouped up, and he was teleported to our dimension.  It was seemless.  I didn’t even notice until we started talking (we use Skype rather than typing) that the servers were full and he had been in another dimension.

These dimensions also extend to your cabal, or guild.  If you meet up with someone you want to have join your guild, you don’t have to worry about the home dimensions.  The new guildie will automatically join the main dimension for your cabal when you group up.  And chat groups are across dimensions always.  Very rarely will dimensions cause your game play in The Secret World any hassle.

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