Early Access for The Secret World

If you have not yet pre-ordered The Secret World, I have an incentive for you, early access.  Starting TOMORROW morning, and going through the weekend, you can get early access to the game by buying the digital copy of The Secret World.  Of course, I’ve updated my game’s launcher, but I won’t be home until after 5 pm tomorrow (although the thought of a flu bug happening are tempting).  Rcane, however, will be set up and playing the game by the time I log in.  Here is the official statement:

The Secret World will launch on July 3rd. Everyone who has pre-ordered the game will however get access four days earlier on June The Secret World Early Access29th. Anyone with a pre-order will be able to get into the game at 16:00 GMT (18:00 CEST, noon EDT, 9am PDT). Players who placed their pre-orders early and anyone with the Grand Master Pack will get access on June 29th even earlier.

Every account eligible for Early Access will receive an e-mail at the time when the account is opened up for access so make sure you check your e-mails frequently on June 29th.

Headstart, or early access, isn’t new.  We’ve had several games that plugged it as an incentive to pre-order.  City of Heroes, Rift, SWTOR, and more, have boasted the headstart play time.  So if you haven’t bought The Secret World (and there is a free kitty that heals you if you pre-order) please come join us.

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