Guardian or Defiant, the choice is yours

Defiant vs Guardian… Round One.. FIGHT!

Central to the PVP lore of the upcoming game Rift: Planes of Telara, is the conflict between the Defiants and the Guardians. A conflict that is heavily nestled in the lore of the game, and provides two entirely different philosophies on the problems affecting the realm of Telara.


On the Guardian side, the Ascended have been granted their abilities by the Vigil, a collection of Telarian gods that have banded together to save their realm from the evil of the dragons. According to the Guardian trailer from the official website, these Ascended were “chosen by the gods for a chance to atone, to ascend…. not for our virtue, but for our might!”

The Guardians feel it is their divine right and duty to defend Telara from the rifts and the dragons behind them. They view the Defiants as infidels and their machines as abominations, corruptions of what the Vigil has intended and granted to the people of Telara.


On the Defiant side, mankind has been betrayed by the gods. They have suffered enough due to the failure of the Vigil to stop the rifts that afflict Telara. Time and time again, the Defiants have seen the failures, and finally they have had enough.

Using machinery, they have found a way to harvest souls much like the Ascended from the Guardians. Using these harvested souls and infusing their own Ascended with the powers has made the Defiants as much a contender for the future of Telara as the Guardians were.

Both sides seek to end the threat of the rifts, but they are torn by their own convictions and “betrayals” of the other side. Will you be a devout follower of the Vigil and their ultimate plan of salvation for the planet against the heathens and their abominations? Will you serve humanity and embrace the technology to succeed where the gods have betrayed and abandoned Telara?

The choice between Defiant and Guardian is yours and the fate of Telara rests in your hands.

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