Jilted Bride Delivery Quest is the Worst so Far in Blue Mountain

A Delivery for the Departed (Jilted Bride)

AKA Jilted Bride

We’ve had a lot of frustration in The Secret World with various quests, but killing (or being killed by) the Jilted Bride in Blue Mountain was the WORST!  I understand from people who were in beta it is better now.  But it’s not fun!  What happened last night:

North end of Blue Mountain where the Jilted Bride isLeonne and two guildies were on their way to restore the wards as part of the quest Dawning of an Endless Night in Blue Mountain.  The area is at the other end of the map from where we entered from Savage Coast.  There is an unmarked cabin on the map where we turned off the road.  “Knight-Avenger” happened to see a marker for a side quest near the cabin.  So being the explorers we are, we went over and clicked on to accept the quest (A Delivery for the Departed).  Step one was to pick up a package from the bed of a truck.  Step two was to defend the package and take it to the manor.  Well, after you pick up the package a “Jilted Bride” spawns and starts attacking.  Knight-Avenger and Rcane quickly killed the bride.  And then she came back before we could group ourselves to run.  So they killed her again.  And she came back.  And they killed her again.  And she came back.  After about seven times of this, we decided to make a break for it.  So I went around the fence, and suddenly I couldn’t heal them because I lost line of sight.  It’s a 2′ tall wooden picket fence!

Luckily we use Skype to talk while we play, so I was able to tell Rcane and Knight-Avenger to move around the fence quickly.  But not quickly enough, Knight-Avenger fell to his wounds, and she came after me and quickly took me down.  Rcane soon followed.  While we ran for our corpses we decided to abandon the quest.  So getting back, we click to resurrect, and run for the zone to Kingsmouth Town.  Luckily we had already done the quest to open the passage.  But the Jilted Bride has a debuff that slows your movement to nearly zero.  Rcane and Knight-Avenger died again, I barely made it to the passage, only because I’m my own healer!

Coming back we carefully avoided the cabin, got the wards restored for the quest Dawning of an Endless Night, and moved on.  I can’t wait to get more side quests and clear that quest out (put it on hold).  I understand from reading forums you just don’t fight her, you run to the manor.  And you have to be your own healer, have a debuff cleaning ability, and if you have barriers that’s even better.  Not FUN!

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