Leonne’s Guide to Making Armor in Diablo 3

I’d like to rename this guide, Dummy’s Guide to Crafting in Diablo 3, but that’s taken by an official company.  However, when recommending to Lord Rcane to post a guide to making armor last week, both him and our friend said “why bother”?  Well, crafting in Diablo 3 wasn’t easy for me to figure out (maybe because I skipped over that dialogue?)

Anyway, there are two types of crafting in Diablo 3.  Armor and weapons with Haedrig Eamon and gems with Covetous Shen.  You’ll find Haedrig in New Tristram in Act 1.  You don’t get to “rescue” Covetous Shen until Act 2.  Both of these gentlemen will “move” with you to the new acts and difficulties.

To make armor you need Pages of Blacksmithing that you pick up as loot through your adventures.  These are different than the Tome of Blacksmithing that you start to get in Hell Difficulty.  You also need lots of gold to make armor and weapons.  I guess this is for you to buy the metal and such from Haedrig, because you don’t collect any other items like you do in other MMORPGs.

  1. Click on Haedrig or any of his equipment that glows when you mouse over.  This will open the interface.  There are tabs on the side of the interface for crafting weapons, crafting armor, and destroying items to get their components.
  2. Choose what you want to make.  The button will light up if you have all the ingredients for crafting.

You can “level up” Haedrig Eamon to make stronger equipment (higher level armor and weapons). Doing this will open up other items you can make.  This costs gold at early levels, lots of it.

Rare ingredients you get from destroying Diablo 3 rare items and unique items include:

Normal Level Blacksmithing: Subtle Essence, Fallen Tooth
Nightmare Level Blacksmithing: Shimmering Essence, Lizard Eye
Hell Level Blacksmithing: Wishful Essence, Encrusted Hoof
Inferno Level Blacksmithing: Exquisite Essence, Iridescent Tear, Fiery Brimstone

Now, the great thing about Diablo 3 Crafting, you can’t “fail” and loose all your ingredients.  You also don’t have to keep clicking a button to “level up” your skill.  Many recipes have random properties.  You’ll notice on the Diablo 3 forums people selling “6 property” such-and-such items.  Inferno Level Blacksmithing items have 6 random properties on many of the recipes.  My feedback to Blizzard – it would be great to influence the properties by adding another component.  Maybe if you wanted intelligence you add in a brain or something?


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