Leonne’s versatile Rift cleric build

I love that you can do different Rift character builds, but I found it cumbersome to change all the time.  So I came up with my own good, all around Rift cleric build that does melee ok, ranged ok, and rift closing with a group ok.  (Note: I have not tried in PVP)

Sentinel main soul (40 points)

Righteous Burden 0/2 (might be good for PVP, snares the enemy)
Benediction 5/5
Watchful Gaze 5/5

Walk in the Light 1/5
Light Concentration 5/5
Shards of Light 1/1

Embolden 0/3 (good for AOE heal)
Light Efficiency 5/5
Luminous Gaze 1/1

Healing Invocation 1/1
Enraputed Breath 3/3
Protect the Flock 2/2

Lasting Invocation 5/5
Empowering Light 1/1

Vested Interest 0/2
Shared Recover 1/1
Serendipity 3/3

Healer’s Haste 1/1

Druid second soul (26 points gives you the Greater Faerie, doesn’t die so easily)

Touch of the Fae 5/5
Strength of Earth 5/5

Heed the Call 3/3
Balm of the Woods 1/1
Spirit of the Hunter 5/5

Slumber 1/1
Savage Force 5/5
Brutal Impact 0/3

Grim Silenced 1/1
Boundless Growth 0/3
Spirit of the Wood 0/5

Justicar third soul – 0 points, can be replaced with any other soul

So, if I do my math right, that gives you a level 50 cleric.  Rift roles are different from any other system I worked with, and building a cleric up to live in a variety of situations has been fun.  I love to play Leonne more than any other character (my only other out of the tutorial after launch is a warrior).  I have enough cleric healing to keep a warrior tank alive, enough buffs/debuffs to keep the mage alive, and have fun while doing it.  Feel free to comment below with what you think might improve my all around, versatile Rift cleric build.


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