Marauder MAD-3R Build for MechWarrior Online

Throughout the history of BattleTech certain ‘Mechs have stood out as iconic. One of these is the Marauder. Although it has passed into the world of the Unseen (no longer usable in BattleTech due to copyright dispute), it forever strolls the battlefield in our hearts and memories.

Therefore, in an effort to return the Marauder to the MechWarrior universe, I present a conversion from the Cataphract in MechWarrior Online.

Based heavily on the Marauder 3-R, this Cataphract build supports more ammo, AMS, XL Engine, jump jets, and additional speed. These are all possible by the endo steel frame and the XL engine.


Cataphract CTF-3D
Tonnage: 70
Engine: XL
Rating: 300
Max Engine Rating: 340
Armor: 432
Type: Standard
Head: 18
Left Arm: 44
Left Torso: 42 / 18
Center Torso: 70 / 18
Right Torso: 42 / 18
Right Arm: 44
Left Leg: 59
Right Leg: 59
Weapons & Equipment:
Left Arm: PPC
Left Torso: AMS, AMS ammo, Medium Laser, Double Heat Sink x 2
Center Torso: AC/5 Ammo x 2
Right Torso: Medium Laser, AC/5, AC/5 Ammo x 2
Right Arm: PPC
Left Leg: Jump Jet x 2
Right Leg: Jump Jet x 2
Left Arm: 1 Energy
Left Torso: 1 Energy, 1 AMS
Right Torso: 1 Energy, 1 Ballistic
Right Arm: 1 Energy, 1 Ballistic
Internal Structure: Endo
Heat Sinks: 14 Double
ECM Capable?: No
Max Jump Jets: 4

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