MechWarrior Online – Gauss Rifles

MechWarrior Online – Gauss Rifles

One of the most powerful weapons in the game today is the gauss rifle.  With the capacity to pack a pair of them, the gausscat is one of the most dreaded enemies to face. Having the ability to deal focused damage at well over 1 kilometer, it is devastating in the hands of a steady hand. There is no weapon more controversial than the gauss rifle. And here are several ways to utilize it most effectively, for every weight class.


Technical Specifications

Name: Gauss Rifle

Weight: 15 tons

Slots: 7

Category: Ballistic

Ammo: 10 shots per ton

Special Note: Gauss Rifles will explode if they receive a critical hit.


Light Chassis

With the requirement of the gauss rifle set so high, there are very few light mechs that can equip these weapons. Of the four variants of the Commando, none can use ballistic weapons. Likewise, neither variant of Jenner can use them. Only one of the two variants of Raven can use a gauss rifle, specifically the Raven RVN-4X.


I use this configuration of Raven RVN-4X as my light gauss rifle mech…



Light Mech


Medium Laser x 1 (Right Arm)

Tag x 1 (Right Arm)

Gauss Rifle x 1 (Left Arm)

Gauss Rifle Ammo x 2 (Left Torso)

Jump Jet x 1 (Center Torso)

Engine: XL 195

Heat Sinks: 7 (in engine)

Top Speed: 90.2 kph

Armor: 208

Firepower: 20

Heat Efficiency: 1.48


Medium Chassis

There are many medium mechs that can support the devastation that is a gauss rifle. To be exact, the list includes the following models: Centurions CN9-A and CN9-AH as well as the Hunchbacks HBK-4G and HBK-4H. Both Centurions support their ballistic weapons in their right arm and the Hunchbacks both support the gauss rifle in their right torso.


With these two mechs being identical weight, engine capabilities, armor amounts, and nearly everything else, the difference is preference between the more flexible yet vulnerable arm versus the more protected but less flexible torso weapon.


My medium gauss rifle mech is the founder’s Hunchback HBK-4G…



Medium Mech


Medium Lasers x 2 (1 in each arm)

Gauss Rifle x 1 (right torso)

Tag x 1 (head)

Gauss Rifle Ammo x 4 (right torso)

Engine: Standard 200

Heat Sinks: 10 (8 in engine, 1 in each leg)

Top Speed: 64.8 kph

Armor: 320

Firepower: 25

Heat Efficiency: 1.3


Heavy Chassis

Many of the heavy chassis have the required hard points to run gauss rifles. All three varieties of Dragon have the capacity to carry a gauss rifle on their right arm. The Catapult CPLT-K2 has the ability to equip a gauss rifle on EACH torso, making it the only mech currently in game able to pack 2 of these devastating sniper rifles. The arms, again, allow for more flexibility in firing, but are easier to remove.


My heavy gauss rifle mech is the dreaded gausscat, the CPLT-K2.


CPLT-K2 (Gausscat)

Heavy Mech


Medium Laser x 2 (1 left torso, 1 right torso)

Gauss Rifle x 2 (1 left torso, 1 right torso)

Gauss Rifle Ammo x 6 (3 left torso, 3 right torso)

Engine: Standard 195

Heat Sinks: 8 (7 in engine, 1 in center torso)

Top Speed: 48.6 kph

Armor: 304 (arms have nothing)

Firepower: 40

Heat Efficiency: 1.12


Assault Chassis

Currently there are two assault chassis in game. The Atlas at 100 tons and the Awesome at 80 tons. None of the Awesomes carry ballistic weapons. But all of the Atlas configurations do carry ballistic weapons, and therefore the potential for one gauss rifle in the right torso.


My assault gauss is my founder’s Atlas, AS7-D.



Assault Mech


Medium Lasers x 4 (1 each arm, 2 center torso)

Anti-Missile System x 1 (left arm)

SRM 6 x 2 (left torso)

Gauss Rifle x 1 (right torso)

AMS Ammo x 1 (left torso)

SRM Ammo x 2 (left torso)

CASE (left torso)

Gauss Rifle Ammo x 3 (right torso)

Engine: Standard 270

Heat Sinks: 27 (10 in engine, 4 right arm, 3 left torso, 5 left arm, 1 head, 2 each leg)

Top Speed: 43.7 kph

Armor: 592

Firepower: 65

Heat Efficiency: 1.33



If you have the ability to use the gauss rifle effectively, they are one of the most destructive weapons in MWO. With the ability to use two of them, the gausscat is among the most feared mechs currently encountered on the battlefield in MechWarrior Online.


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