Each year we are bombarded with dozens of new games to play.  There are many places to sift through the info, but hype doesn’t always equate to a game that will match your play style.  Looking back at 2010, the highest hype in is Guild Wars 2.  But is that a game that is going to meet your expectations, fit with your play style? Rift was just announced that it was the 2011 Game of the Year by some review company.  Did you play these games?  We offer review and information about games for the casual MMO RPG player.  Games that we have played or are playing are:

  • Everquest.  Yep, starting back at near launch we played this game.  We go back to it every other expansion or so, just to get our feet wet and remember the “good ol’ days”.Star Wars: The Old Republic - Windows
  • Rift – We played this in beta, pre-launch, and a good several months after launch.  This game is about a nexus of planes, and mysterious rifts are tearing the world apart.  These rifts were caused by a powerful magical explosion at the end of the last war, known as The Shade War.  These rifts occur when another plane of reality intersects with the magical Ward protecting Telara.  As a hero in this world, it is your duty to close these rifts and send the minions back to the plane they come from.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Founder titles acquired!  This is a great game, we’ve enjoyed the solo missions, grouping up to 4 players.  Some of our members are also enjoying the PVP aspects.  We all wish that the space missions were group capable, as some of our members don’t do too well (I have my 10 year old run them for me, she does so much better)Diablo III - Mac/Windows
  • Diablo III has launched!  Many of us spent hours playing a “bowazon” on Diablo 2 a decade ago.  Or perhaps the barbarian or the paladin were more to your play style?  Now visit the world again and defeat evil in Diablo 3.