The Marauder Enters the Battlefield of MechWarrior Online!

See for more details about how to purchase these mechs for your game.

On September 10th, 2015, it was announced that one of the previously unseen 'Mechs would be returning to MechWarrior Online – the Marauder! Since the announcement, they have become available for purchase with a release date of December 1st, 2015. So, … [Continue reading]

Battletech Mechwarrior Craze

MechWarrior and BattleTech Posters

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Salt Lake Gaming Con 2015


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Curtis Baum, DM and GM

Contributing Author Gallery of Magical Blades – fan created net book for AD&D – (circa 1996) Rise of the Drow (expanded and revised edition) – Adventure-A-Week - (2014) Author “TSR's 'Alternity' Reviewed” - Masters of Roleplaying Magazine – … [Continue reading]

More than just Celebrities at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

Cosplay on the stairs

Celebrity panels is one thing, but you can only spend so much time giving your adoration to a stranger (granted, one that impacts your very soul with their character portrayal).  So what else is there to do at a convention like Comic Con? My … [Continue reading]

Anticipating Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con guests

Wow, it's already July and the announcements from Salt Lake Comic Con for the guests in September just keep getting larger.  Regardless of your fandom, there will be something for everyone.  So, testing my knowledge using their current … [Continue reading]

Cosplay at Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience 2015

Another shot of that beautiful Princess Emeraude dress.

I'm always impressed with cosplay at our Comic Con activities.  From our first foray to gain free t-shirts for the 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con, to seeing "professional" cosplay, it's always fun for me.  This year I've been following a few local … [Continue reading]

Favorite Booths of Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X 2015

incredible cookies and cream, magnificent mint, or chocolate truffle that melts in your mouth

At Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X, there were many excellent booths. The smaller venue and tighter focus removed many of the larger more elaborate booths from Fan X, but there were plenty of small booths that were selling products or catching attention … [Continue reading]

Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience 2015 – Felicia Day


During Fan X, my family and I were able to attend Felicia Day's spotlight panel. We are also able to get a photo op with this wonderful lady. Her stories were great and she really loved all of her fans. I wish we had had the opportunity to talk to … [Continue reading]

Felisha Day

Cross posted from by Bookwyrm   Geeks all around the world get jealous at these few words, … [Continue reading]