Potent Distillate Recipe

Item: Potent Sap

Found: Crimson Wash
You loot the Potent Sap instead of a normal flower

“While harvesting you found this unusually potent sap.”  Requires Foraging 115

This item offers a quest.

Your quest: Potent Potable? – take the sample to Renwhist Coverdale in Sanctum
You turn that in and get quest Distilling for Dummies (10 Duskglory Petals and 10 Evergreen nettle Stems)
Turn those in to Renwhist Coverdale (same guy) and receive the recipe

Recipe: Potent Distillate

Teaches you how to create Potent Distillate
Requires Foraging 115
Requires The Runeguard: Friendly

Ingredients: Duskglory Petals, Corrosive Blend, Golden Nettle Stems (2)

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  1. So, the next question, what can you make with Potent Distillate?

    From Fiachghan, the Apothecary recipe merchant in Sanctum:
    Basic Agility Serum (requires apothecary 130). Increases Parry by 112 and Dodge by 77 for 30 minutes. ~Not bad~

    Also from same merchant – Basic Healing Philter. Hurls a Healing Phillter into the target area, healing up to 10 party or raid members for 1107 health. ~Not so useful~

    Finally, also from Fiachghan, Basic Philter of Power. Increases the Attack Power and Spell Power of party and raid members by 20. Lasts 30 seconds. ~I don’t think that lasts long enough.

    So those are the recipes I’ve found so far for Potent Distillate. Happy crafting!

    Guardian Cleric
    27 Sentinel & 23 Druid currently

  2. We have some recent information about this quest also. According to information, the recipe also drops off Golden Nettle in Scarwood Reach. Thanks for the information Iodre! (Estrael shard)

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