Real Money Auction House for Diablo 3

It’s every gamer’s dream to make money playing their favorite game. Now Diablo 3 makes that possible with the real money auction Diablo 3 Auction House RMAHhouse (RMAH for short). Can you really become rich selling that Vampiric Short Sword? Well, it’s a matter of supply and demand. I’m sure rare crafting materials, twinking gear, and orange loot (ultra rare) will be bought and sold on the Auction House.


How can this possibly work? Well, starting this week you’ll be able to set up your RMAH. When you log into Diablo III it automatically determines your currency based on your account. Sorry Asians, no auction house is available at launch for some areas.


Make money with Diablo 3The Auction House is available from the character screen, on the left hand side where the button for “Public Games” is. From here you can search to buy something, or list something from your character’s inventory.


This all comes with a price though. The Auction House is going to take 15% of the sale price. So be sure to check out the official fees listed in the RMAH FAQ.  They do give you the ease of using PayPal or your credit card for purchases. You also have PayPal service for cashing out your real-world currency.





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