Rift Bronze Quest

Rift Bronze Quest

Greetings Miners of Telara!  Today, we bring you a special treat that comes from the Defiant side of the struggle.  This secret is reputed to be found in Silverwood and Gloamwood as well.  The secret of making Bronze is now at your disposal.


Quest:An Unusual Ore

Item: Unusual Ore

Off: Copper Vein

In: Freemarch

Requires Mining 50

Leads To Quest: Metal Mixing

Tin Bars x 10

Copper Bars x 10

Reward: Recipe: Bronze Bar

Requires: Mining 50

Requires: The Runeguard: Friendly

To Make:

Copper Bar x 1

Tin Bar x 1

Unstable Flux x 1


We hope this helps provide materials for some of our lower level friends.  Although, it is frustrating to need The Runeguard faction on such a low level recipe.  Best of journeys, and good luck with the Bronze Quest in Rift!

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