Rift Cinerium Recipe

Rift Cinerium Recipe

Many miners have sought long and hard throughout Telara to find the secret of the rarest alloy known… that of Cinerium.  At last, and with the aid of other miners, the secret has been found and can be revealed!  Special thanks to Lord Traum for his assistance in locating and providing information that helped me locate and confirm this discovery.

Quest: An Extraordinary Find

Item: Glinting Nugget

Found on Orichalcum

In: Stillmoor and Lake of Solace (Thanks Traum)

Requires Mining: 280


Leads to Quest: Greater Than The Sum

Carmintium Bars x 10

Orichalcum Bars x 10


Reward: Recipe: Cinerium Bar

Requires: Mining 280

To Make:

Carmintium Bar x 1

Orichalcum Bar x 1

Major Flux x 1


Of special note on this recipe, we found that unlike many previous recipes, it did not require any Runeguard faction.  It is our sincere hope that the mining and smithing worlds will benefit from this incredible find, and that the secrets of the Cinerium Recipe will be yours in your efforts in Rift.


  1. We have received several reports that this recipe is now dropping off both Carmintium and Platinum as well. Good luck out there!

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