Rift Cleric Callings…. Times have changed

Rift Cleric Callings, not your Mama’s clerics!

This particular article is written, not for my Mother, but for my Wife. I was smart, I married a cleric. She has been playing a healer in every MMO we have played together for the last 11 years. But, as I said, Rift Cleric Callings are very different than other MMOs.

Back in EverQuest, clerics were healers. Sure, they had some good nukes, and some good debuffs, but at the root of it all, clerics healed, rezzed, buffed, and supported the rest of the team. Rift has those clerics too, but they have opened the floodgates to very different ways of thinking on the cleric role, and with the option of multiple souls and multiple soul sets (roles), you have a ton of flexibility.

Currently listed are five cleric souls, some for melee might, some for healing, and some for unleashing righteous fury (not sure what the defiant equivalent would be). All of them can be mixed, matched, tweaked, and twisted into whatever the player wants to create.



Purifiers dedicate themselves to mastering the healing properties of fire, and as such are potent support Clerics who can burn away disease and instantly cauterize the most horrific wounds.


Purifiers are not known for their offensive capabilities, and while they are capable of marshaling the fury of their ancestors to strike down foes, they rapidly lose ground against the focused assault of a determined melee combatant.



An Inquisitor is a potent one-on-one combatant who specializes in mixing life and death magic, stealing their opponent’s greatest strengths and making it their own.


Because they stand between the threshold of life and death, Inquisitors give up the strength found in those who walk a pure path. For that reason, they cannot support their allies in battle as strongly as other, more specialized clerics.



Sentinels are defensive clerics who excel at group support. Their divine powers aid the weak and ensure that everyone in their group lives through the fray.


Sentinels sacrifice offense for a strong defense, and thus struggle to deal massive damage to their opponents.



A Justicar’s healing comes from damage dealt in close combat. Thus he can survive and thrive in the thick of the fighting while ensuring his allies do the same.


A Justicar’s divine magic depends upon his melee prowess, so foes are wise to try and keep the Justicar from the front lines.



A Shaman strikes hard and fast like the fury of a winter storm. He can quickly close into melee and unleash powerful blows fueled by muscle and magic.


Shamans lack other clerics’ abilities to bolster defenses and heal grievous wounds, so they fare poorly against foes with a strong defense of their own or those who can keep them at bay.

With more souls to be announced in the future, I will keep information flowing as to what other powerful capabilities clerics in Rift can do. One thing is certain, however, with the power of the Rift Cleric Calling and the potential to build roles for soloing, group play, and raiding, the choice of what cleric you want to play is in your hands ladies and gents of the devout orders.


  1. Trion added another Rift Cleric Soul to the mix earlier this week. That of the Warden. Here are the details for this new Soul.


    The Warden excels at slowly stacking powerful healing energies on their allies. Given sufficient time to lay down magic, a Warden can bolster their allies through even the most grueling struggles.

    Unable to weave their protective spells quickly enough to overcome a concentrated attack, Wardens have little defense against a rapid or group assault.

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