Rift Darkmetal Quest

This week, we continue our support of the crafting community with our discovery of the Darkmetal quest in Rift.  Darkmetal is used in fairly high end weapons and armor, and we hope this helps your equipment.


Quest: Mysterious Metal

Item: Mysterious Ore

Found: Titanium Node, Stillmoor

Mining 185 Required

Upon turn in, provides the quest: An Ancient Alloy


Quest: An Ancient Alloy


Cobalt Bars 10

Titanium Bars 10


Reward: Recipe: Darkmetal Bar

Requires: Mining 185

Requires: The Runeguard: Friendly


To Make:

Cobalt Bar x 1

Titanium Bar x 1

Minor Flux x 1


Best of luck finding the Darkmetal quest, and enjoy closing some rifts while you are at it!


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