Rift Fine Leather Quest

Rift Fine Leather Quest

Once again, while defending the world of Telara from those who would destroy it, we stumbled across a great find, that of the Fine Leather Quest for Rift.

Quest Details:

Item Name: Unblemished Pelt

Mob Name:  Barkbristle Tusker, level 31

Area:  Scarwood

Requires:  Butchering 115

Quest: Fine Fur

Required Items for Quest:

10 Medium Leather

10 Heavy Leather


Recipe: Fine Leather

Requires Runeguard Friendly

Butchering 115

To Make:

Medium Hide x 1

Plain Thread x 2

Heavy Hide x 1

Best of luck in the hunts butchers and we hope the Fine Leather Quest in Rift benefits everyone!


  1. We also have reports of this dropping from a Grove Stinger, also in Scarwood Reach. Hope this helps!


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