Rift Mage Build – Scorched Earth

Rift Mage Build – Scorched Earth

I personally love playing mages in fantasy games. And there are many different ways to play a mage in Rift. I have played a variety of mage builds in Beta, but the one I found to be the most effective from a combat standpoint is the AOE devastating caster build I list here. Again, I play with emphasis on PVE, but it is quite effective in that realm.

Key Features:

Pet for tanking or added damage (earth and air respectively)

Excellent elemental damage from both Elementalist and Stormcaller

Improved critical damage to spells, especially air/lightning from both Elementalist and Stormcaller

Mana regeneration from Elementalist

Healing from Chloromancer

Core Class: Elementalist

Secondary Class: Stormcaller

Tertiary Class: Chloromancer

Elementalist: 39 Total

Biting Cold – 5 points

Ice Shield – 1 point

Elemental Link – 5 points

Ashen Armor – 3 points

Exposure – 1 point

Weathered – 5 points

Improved Quicken Elements – 2 points

Greater Elemental Affinity – 1 point

Force of Nature – 5 points

Fiery Assault – 1 point

Synergize – 1 point

Tempest – 3 points

Planar Expansion – 5 points

Intensify Elements – 1 point

Stormcaller: 17

High Voltage – 5

Cold Weather Training – 5

Lightning Mastery – 5

Shell Shock – 2

Chloromancer: 10

Natural Awareness – 5

Bloom – 1

Healing Slipstream – 2

Empowered Veil – 2

Combat with this style of mage will change depending on if you are attacking single mobs or groups. Against Solo Mobs:

Radiant Spores


Lightning Strike

Thunderbolt (3 times) or Raging Storm

Cloudburst (repeatedly)

Against Multiple mobs:

Radiant Spores

Burning Ground

Forked Lightning (3 times)

Lightning Field (repeatedly)

Fiery Assualt (as desired)

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