Rift Mage Healer Build – Green Mage

Rift Mage Healer Build – Green Mage

Mages are often called upon to serve in many capacities. One of which is DPS, and there are several mage builds that serve that purpose well. Other times, it is more utility, including crowd control or buffs. The Hierophant build serves this purpose well. Finally, there are times when a mage is called upon to be a healer, either as a primary healer or a secondary healer. In these times, the Green Mage works very well.


Primary Soul – Chloromancer 44

Secondary Soul – Archon 12

Tertiary Soul – Dominator 10


Chloromancer – 44 points

Tier One

Natural Awareness – 5 – Intelligence Increase

Accelerate Growth – 5 – Increased Damage

Tier Two

Bloom – 1 – Single Target Healing

Healing Slipstream – 2 – Improved Casting Time for Bloom and Flourish (instant)

Empowered Veil – 3 – Improved Entropic Veil and Lifegiving Veil

Tier Three

Synthesis – 1 – Improved Healing On One Ally

Phytogenesis – 3 – Improved chance to activate Radiant Spores and affects multiple targets

Circle of Life – 5 – Improved critical chance for Flourish and Bloom

Tier Four

Nature’s Touch – 1 – Nuke which heals Synthesis target

Call of Spring – 5 – Improved Healing

Raised in Nature – 3 – Improved Endurance

Tier Five

Natural Fusion – 3 – Improved Healing on Synthesis target

Living Shell – 1 – Mana Regen and Damage Absorption

Unleashed Abandon – 1 – Increased Duration of Wild Abandon

Tier Six

Wild Growth – 1 – AOE Heal and mob snare

Destructive Growth – 2 – Damage increase in Wild Growth

Empathic Bond – 1 – Mana Return from Synthesis Ally

Tier Seven

Essence Surge – 1 – Massive Heal


Archon – 12 Points

Tier One

Favored Ally – 3 – Larger Range on Aura’s and instant cast

Blood Pact – 2 – Improved Endurance from

Tier Two

Strength of Stone – 3 – Improved stats from Pillaging Stone

Exhiliration – 4 – 2% Mana returned on crits


Dominator – 10 Points

Tier One

Efficient Control – 5 – Reduced enemy resistance to Transmogrify

Tier Two

Acumen – 5 – Improved Intelligence




This build fills a healing role within a group very well, and yet leaves some crowd control and buffage to help out the rest of the raid or party. With the Green Mage build, a mage can now be a contributing healer in Rift, either in a dungeon or just a group.


  1. This build is absolute garbage, the 38 and 44 point chloro talents are not worth it

    sure, you gain 10% int and some stats from archon, but you lose out on 20% more healing with warlock

    dominator CC’s are useless
    low tier archon buffs are useless

    if you run this build you are a detriment to your party because you are not healing to your maximum potential

  2. Although I politely disagree with you, having run this build myself for great effect. I am always very interested in what others would do with their builds. I would love to see how your chloro/lok build works, either comment it here or email it to me.

    As far as Dominator CC, this one basically gives transmogrify, and nothing else. But it does buy about 30 seconds for the tank to get his rhythm.

    And Archon buffs, this build already includes the Endurance buff, but is lacking in other stat buffs.

    How would you build this?

    Happy Gaming!

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