Rift Polished Mahogany Quest

Rift Polished Mahogany Quest

Today, Lords and Ladies, we bring you a special treat.  A good friend of Lord Rcane has found a rare wood sample and has agreed to share that information with all of us foragers, weaponsmiths, and artificers.  Many thanks to Lady Iodre for her work on this discovery, and we hope to hear more from her in the future!

Item:  Exceptional Mahogany Sample

Location:  Moonshade Highlands

Quest Given: Woodworking 101

Quest Required: Foraging 115

Items required for Quest:

Mahogany Lumber 10

Oak Lumber 10

Quest Reward:  Recipe: Polished Mahogany Lumber

Requires Foraging 115

Requires The Runeguard: Friendly

To Make:

1 Mahogany Log

1 Oak Log

1 Creeperseed Oil




On behalf of all the foragers, and those crafters who will benefit from this discovery, I would like to again thank Lady Iodre for her efforts.  May we all find the Polished Mahogany that we crave through this quest in Rift.

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