Rift Polished Runebirch Quest

Here is the information we have found on the Polished Runebirch Quest in Rift.

Item:  Exceptional Runebirch Sample

Found while harvesting a Runebirch log

Location:  Moonshade Highlands

Quest Given: Tale of Two Timbers

Quest Required: Foraging 200

Items required for Quest:

Runebirch Lumber 10

Kingswood Lumber 10

Quest Reward:  Recipe: Polished Runebirch Lumber

Requires Foraging 185

Requires The Runeguard: Friendly

To Make:

1 Kingswood Log

1 Runebirch Log

1 Light Varnish

We found it interesting that there is a discrepancy on being able to make the item and being able to take the quest, as far as foraging skill is concerned.  Best of luck Rift Foragers, we hope this information about the Polished Runebirch Quest helps!

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