Rift Polished Shadethorn Recipe

Rift Polished Shadethorn Recipe

Greetings Adventurers!  And special greetings to all the foragers out there.  Today, we have the secret of the greatest wood yet discovered.  This wood is used in the most powerful weapons craftable, be they staff or bow.  Without further adieu, here is the information you seek…

Item: Exceptional Shadethorn Sample

Quest: Wood Encounters of the Fourth Kind

Found On: Shadethorn Branch

In: Iron Pine Peaks

Requires: Foraging 280

Leads To: Quest “Flue” and Renwhist Coverdale, Inc.


Shadethorn Lumber x 10

Sagebrush Lumber x 10


Recipe: Polished Shadethorn Lumber

Requires: Foraging 280

To Make:

Shadethorn Log x 1

Sagebrush Lumber x 1

Heavy Lacquer x 1


We hope the discovery of the Polished Shadethorn Recipe in Rift will help all our forager fans and the crafters who depend on them, good luck!


  1. One of our friends, Iodre, just picked this up in Shimmersand. Wanted to share it with everyone. It dropped off a Shadethorn there.

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