Rift Pristine Distillate Quest

Herein lies the secret of the elusive Pristine Distillate Quest in Rift.  Foragers, rejoice, but be warned this requires some patience to acquire.

Pristine Distillate Quest

Quest: Elegent Evolution

Item: Pristine Sap

From: Tempest Flower

Zone: Stillmoor

Requires Foraging 280


Leads To: Master Distiller

10 Tempestflower Stems

10 Twilight Bloom Roots


Reward: Recipe: Pristine Distillate

Requires: Foraging 260

Requires: The Runeguard: Friendly


To Make:

Tempestflower Stems x 1

Twilight Bloom Roots x 2

Aqua Regia x 1


Yields: Pristine Distillate (1)


Good luck foragers, I know there are many apothecaries out there waiting for the Pristine Distillate, and now you have the information on this quest to help all your companions in Rift.



  1. We have confirmed that this drops in Shimmersand also.

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