Rift Pure Distillate Quest

Rift Pure Distillate Quest


Hail foragers!  We have found the secrets to make Pure Distillate to aid our apothecaries in their work.  I am sure many apothecaries have been searching for this item, and your help can provide it.

Quest: It’s Pure, but what is it?

Item: Pure Sap

Off: Tattertwist

In: Moonshade Highlands

Leads to Quest: Journeyman Distiller

Tattertwist Leaves x 10

Roc Orchid Petals x 10

Reward: Recipe Pure Distillate

Requires: Foraging 185

Requires: Runeguard Friendly

To Make:

Tattertwist Leaves x 1

Roc Orchid Petals x 2

Aqua Fortis x 1


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