Rift Puzzle Maximum Levels

Rift Puzzle Maximum Levels

Greetings Adventurers!

Many of ye have explored the strange world that is Telara, and have found oddities throughout the land.  These strange puzzles have been the discussion in taverns and inns throughout Telara, but alas, we are here to bring some assistance in helping adventurers know when to seek out these challenges to maximize their benefits… (In short, we want to give information that will help, but not give away all the details just yet to these puzzles.)

Silverwood – High in the towers of Overwatch Keep, there lies a series of teleporting plaques that move adventurers through the towers, until they reach the broken tower, where a bright treasure chest lies waiting to be plundered.  (Maximum item level 30).

Freemarch – Down deep, beneath the waves of the Lake of Solace, ghostly lights can be seen that speak of old treasures that await those worthy.  (Maximum item level 30).

Gloamwood – In the darkest recesses of Shadefallen Keep, lies a mystery as dark as the Hag herself.  Only by orienting the symbols on the walls can this treasure be found.  (Maximum item level 35).

Scarlet Gorge – In Riverfell, miners have had their supplies disturbed.  Adventurers must reorganize the supplies to match the miners’ pattern in order to reap the rewards.  (Maximum item level 35).

Stonefields – High in the mountains of the Towering Steppes, several telescopes have fallen out of alignment.  They must be re-aligned, in the correct order, and in a very quickly to divulge their treasures.  (Maximum item level 35).

Scarwood Reach – Far into the hills, west of King’s Breach, torches have been spotted, burning with unnatural flames.  If they can be aligned properly, they will reveal their secret treasure.  (Maximum item level 40).

Moonshade Highlands – Guarded by the fiercest foes of Hammerknell Fortress, a Defiant device lacks power.  If power were to be restored, the reward would be vast and powerful.  (Maximum item level 45).

Droughtlands – Locked away in a cage is a horrible way to die in this desert, but vast treasure awaits those who can solve the puzzle of the cages, found east of Centaur’s Stand.  (Maximum item level 45).

Iron Pine Peaks – In the snowy waste near Mage’s Mark, a rabbit has become separated from his true love.  Reuniting the lost lovers has a reward worthy of a king.  (Maximum item level 50).

Stillmoor – In the crumbling towers of Thalin Tor, in a land infested with all manner of evil, vampire bats are the least of your worries.  (Maximum item level 50).

Shimmersand – High above the Dustwind Hills lies a treasure long buried by bandits.  Solving the puzzle of the sands reveals a chest, lost to time and worthy of an ancient age.  (Maximum item level 50).

For those of you who would like a little extra help, find Flue or Rcane in game (on Estrael), and I will happily help you locate one of the above puzzles.  We hope you have fun solving the Rift Puzzles that are spread through the lands, and benefit from the gear at its maximum levels.

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