Rift Q&A with Scott Hartsman of Trion

Rift: Planes of Telara

Not often that the CCO & Executive Producer comes out so early in the production of a game and hypes up his teams work.  But recently Scott Hartsman met up with one of the premier MMO watching sites and had this interview.

Some comments say that Scott dodged the first question, What makes Rift stand out from the pack?
I disagree.  Let his own words speak…

In our case, we see a world where there’s more than just the static content of MMOs to date (but the familiar base is there as well). Where the world itself is at war — not just with you, but with itself, in interesting and fun ways. We see more than just the static classes that are seeing less and less customization possibilities in other games. We see a world that hits on the major themes and features and iterates them in ways that people will find useful and unique. We see a game with kick-ass art, and great sound and music. We see Rift.

From what I see of the reviews, screenshots, and the official site, it looks amazing!  We’ve had many games where the planes collide, where time travel happens, where magic goes crazy.  But never have you had so many possibilities with a single character.  I’ve been reading up on the Soul Tree method of advancement, and I have to say I look forward to it.  My Kudos go to the dev team at Trion for putting together Rift: Planes of Telara.  I hope it flies for them

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