Rift Ranged DPS Build – Master of Beast and Bow

Rift Ranged DPS Build – Master of Beast and Bow

Greetings Adventurers!  Today we have another build, straight from the war against the rifts.  This Ranged DPS build is heavily based on ranger and relies on the Ranger pet for tanking while soloing or extra dps while in a group.

Ranger 39/Bladedancer 18/Assassin 9

Ranger: 39 points

Eagle Eye 5 – +5% Critical
Improved Quick Shot 3 – 30% bleed damage from Quick Shot
Killing Focus 2 – 4% more Ranged Damage
Blood Rage 3 – Your pet does 15% more damage when the target is bleeding
Bestial Fury 2 – You and your pet do 5% more damage after finishing with Head Shot
Double Shot 5 – 50% chance to shoot twice with auto attacks
Hail of Arrows 1 – One of the Best targeted AoE’s in the game
King of the Jungle 1 – Various improvements to your pet’s damage and durability
Prey on the Weak 3 – You do 15% more damage for 20 seconds after your pet crits
Hasten Call 1 – Call your pet instantly every 2 minutes, a real butt saver
Master Huntsman 5 – Various pet improvements
Call: Blood Raptor 1 – A very good DPS pet terrible at tanking though use in groups
Enduring 5 – 5% more health for you 25% more health for your pet
Trick Shot 1 – Useful when you don’t want to get agro on everything in the area
Improved Trick Shot 1 – More combo points = more damage

Bladedancer: 18 points

Combat Expertise 5 – 5% better chance to hit, if you don’t hit you do no damage
Blade Finesse 5 – 50% More damage with your auto attacks
Ambidextrous 5 – 15% more Dex = more crits and attack power
Combat Culmination 3 – Even more crit and other stuff

Assassin: 9 points

Ruthlessness 5 – 5% more crit chance
Murderous Intent 2 – 4% more physical damage
Serrated Blades 2 – More damage from melee attacks (ok you won’t use it much but you really want the
second poison)


As you can see, the focus of the build is pets, and all the physical damage you can toss at a mob.  Emphasis on physical crit helps the consistency of critical hits and therefore high dps.  We hope the Ranged DPS Build – Master of Beast and Bow for Rift.

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