Rift Reinforced Leather Quest

Here is the quest for the recipe to make Reinforced Leather, included we mob that dropped the item for us, but it will probably have a chance of dropping off any skinnable mob of level 42.

Item Name:  Rigid Hide Patch

Mob:  Heights Prowler, level 42

Location:  Droughtlands

Quest: Thick Skin

Quest Requires the following items:

Thick Leather 10

Exotic Leather 10

Quest Gives this recipe:  Recipe: Reinforced Leather

Requires Butchering 185

Requires The Runeguard: Friendly

In Order to make the Reinforced Leather, you need to take the following to the Loom:

1 Thick Hide

1 Exotic Hide

2 Fine Thread

Finally the recipe produces:  Produces 1 Reinforced Leather.

We hope the Rift Reinforced Leather Quest will help many happy butchers and the outfitters that rely on them as heavily as I do.

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