Rift Rogue DPS Build – Boom Boom Pow! (1.2)

Rift Rogue DPS Build – Boom Boom Pow! (1.2)

One of the most soloable souls, if done right, is that of the Saboteur.  Mix a saboteur, with a way to get combo points and dish damage at range from marksman, and healing from riftstalker, and you have a build that soloes incredibly well.  Unfortunately, many groups are not designed to take full advantage of a saboteur, so some of their abilities are wasted in this setting.

Primary Soul – Saboteur – 44 Points

Secondary Soul – Riftstalker – 13 Points

Tertiary Soul – Marksman – 9 Points

Saboteur – 44 Points

Tier One

Nimble Fingers – 5 – Increased Dexterity

Long Range Bombing – 5 – Increases range and decreases cooldown of all bombs

Tier Two

Remote Clipping – 5 – Increases range of charges and Detonate

Tier Three

Increased Explosive Powder – 5 – Increased damage on all charges

Silent Setup – 3 – Adding charges does not generate hate

Tier Four

Improved Detonate – 5 – Increase damage of Detonate

Time Bomb – 1 – Bomb that explodes after 8 seconds

Improved Spike Charge – 2 – Increased duration on Spike Charges *

Tier Five

Bomb Specialist – 5 – Increase damage from bombs

Annihilation Bomb – 1 – High Damage, AOE bomb, that cannot be blocked, parried, or dodged

Charge Booster – 1 – Additional damage when firing a 5 point combo Detonate

Tier Six

The Trapper – 1 – Traps have zero cooldown

Carpet Bombing – 1 – Resets all bomb cooldown, and next 3 bombs have zero cooldown

Demolition Specialist – 2 – Annihilation Bomb detonates all Blast Charges or Spike Charges, and they affect 2 additional enemies

Residual Shrapnel – 1 – Sharpnel Charge deals more damage over time

Tier Seven

Land Mines – 1 – Places 4 mines at the rogues location that cause damage and knockback

* May substitute the Tier 2 Improved Blast Charge, depending if you prefer more initial hit instead of more DPS.

Riftstalker – 13 Points

Tier One

Unseen Fury – 5 – Increased Attack Power

Tier Two

Great Fortitude – 5 – Increased Endurance

Tier Three

Rift Scavenger – 3 – Heals when unused combo points when current combo point target is killed


Marksman – 9 Points

Tier One

Singled Minded Focus – 5 – Increased damage from certain attacks

Tier Two

Increased Fire Power – 4 – Increased Attack Power after ranged critical hits



As stated, this build is designed for soloing.  That said, it will also work very well in groups and dungeons, but it does lack the use of Land Mines, which is a powerful tool when soloing.  Feel free to use Incriminate to push agro to the group Tank, and have fun!  I have used the Boom Boom Pow! (1.2) in both situations as a Rogue DPS Build in Rift, and it works well, but must be worked correctly.



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